Why Sony Needs A Low-Cost, Low-Storage PlayStation 3

Forbes - Rumors of a 16GB PlayStation 3 Slim have been popping up out of the woodwork lately.

The unit would likely rival Microsoft’s 4GB Xbox 360, and could come with a similar price-tag, though whether Sony has considered offering a subscription deal like the $99 Xbox 360 / Xbox Live contract remains to be seen.

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-Mezzo-2734d ago

If there's a 16-GIG model at around $150, i'll definitely buy it.

nukeitall2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I think a lot of people will be dissappointed.

A $149 PS3 is far too unlikely for two reasons:

a) Sony barely broke even last time a price cut occurred on PS3 last year. They actually had a small loss if you account for retail associated costs i.e. retailer profit, packaging, shipping, returns and etc. A 40% (a massive $100) cut in production cost just by removing the hard drive in barely a year is so unlikely it seems silly!

So their only option is to sell at a loss again, but...

a) Sony is in deep financial dodo posting record losses and their stock is hammered to a 30-year low. A company like that preparing for next generation cannot afford to post major losses in one of their better performing divisions!

I say, chances of a $149 PS3 is so slim I have bigger chance of winning the lottery, but hey, people do win the lottery right?

If you disagree please hit the reply button and tell me concisely why!

fei-hung2733d ago

You have to remrmber that these new slims will be cutting back on production, shipping and packaging costs.

The case is smsller, might have dmaller chipsets as well, external power block, no flashy auto drive for discs and it looks all plastic. The hard drive is also smaller for the base model bring more costs down.

I do think a $99 PS3 is possible as i believe, along eith the above, it will will probably also come without any games. If you add the cost of a game, you have spent $160 probably. I wouldnt be surprised if Sony launches their own 2.5" Sata drive as well alongside, although I doubt that.

nukeitall2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I was talking about $149, not even $99. You don't just cut production cost in one fell swoop by 40%, let alone 60% with electronics.

It takes years, not months to achieve that. All discounts in electronics including semiconductors are incremental, unless the part is overproduced. That is few and far between on a gazillion part machine.

Not gonna happen! If it was feasible, the reduction in price would have happened much earlier at a higher leap/gap as there is more room for inefficiency early in the lifecycle.


"cutting back on production"

Cutting back in production increases cost. It's when you increase production that you reduce cost so I'm not sure I follow?

WeskerChildReborned2733d ago

I already got a PS3 but if it breaks down, then i'll check this one out and just buy a bigger HDD.

LOGICWINS2734d ago

Surprised it hasn't happened yet. I've been good on 60GB for 5 years. I see no reason why a $149.99 60GB PS3 wouldn't sell well.

Isis062733d ago

60GB was not enough after having owned it for 3 years because of all my games I bought of the PS Store... I use that thing for everything, there is nothing else connected to my TV, so not enough for me but if you only use it for casual gaming it is enough. And on the other hand 500GB wouldn't be enough for me if I didn't stream my vids... so... yea.

nukeitall2733d ago

I wouldn't doubt a $150 PS3 would sell. It would and would likely take market share and MS might take respond!

If it happened it so far below the current prices and even beats MS for an astounding value. At that price point, nobody can really compare to a PS3.

But it's like saying, I don't see how a $1 Xbox 360 wouldn't sell? It simple! Manufacturing cost would be too expensive to offer it and Sony isn't exactly in a healthy financial business state so they can't take major financial losses.

ApolloTheBoss2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Been strongly considering trading in my Xbox 360 for a PS3. Simply because PS3 worth the free games and stuff on PSN.

rufusman912734d ago

If you buy one, but PS+ and you get a whole armada of free games, and if things are like they were with AC:B
well also get AC3 beta or another triple AAA beta.

LOGICWINS2733d ago

Don't let rufusman91 mislead you. The games aren't "free"(apparently the definition of free is different on N4G for some reason). Paying $50 a year doesn't constitute free, at least in the real world. Is what you get for that $50 a good value? Yes and no. If you normally purchase a lot of things off PSN and are interested in old PS3 games then yes, its worth it without question. If not, then just save your money for new game purchases.

But I do recommend buying a PS3, with or without PS Plus due to the free online play and a good variety of exclusive games. The PS3 also has plenty of JRPG's that you will NEVER find on the 360. Btw, when you get your PS3, I STRONGLY recommend Yakuza 3 and 4 if you like a single player game with lots of replay value, great characters, a deep story, and a brutal fighting system.

MrBeatdown2733d ago

He wasn't misleading anyone. He did say "buy". Well, he had a typo and wrote "but" but it's clear what he meant.

That alone should imply that the games aren't absolutely free to anyone with functioning brain.

LOGICWINS2733d ago

Yes, it was a typo, which is why I clarified with my comment. Thanks for your concern :)

kreate2733d ago

Trance said

'PS3 worth the free games and stuff on PSN'

Ps3 has free games and there are 'stuff' on psn.

Ps plus also gives out free games. However u want to interpret free. But even the completely free games ur talking about, yea they give out those too. When u click on the game it will tell u if u can keep it free forever without restrictions or if u need to be a plus member to access the content.

rufusman912734d ago


morkendo232733d ago

U must work for Sony, no one know for sure with 16gb storage FLASH DRIVE can be replaced or add HARDDRIVE to replace it something to think about.

150.00 a good bait to nibble on

tigertron2733d ago

Then you may aswell just buy a PS3 with a larger HDD, it'll cost you the same.

PS4OUR2733d ago

I hope Sony does well. I had 2 PS3's and 3 Xbox 360's and this gen has been awesome but I feel Sony have sold themselves short this gen. The PS3 suffered an identity crysis in the beginning and I hope Sony sorts this out next gen. They can take a leaf out of Microsofts hat and pump more money into advertising and marketing. That said I'm glad a new model PS3 Is releasing soon. If Sony can market the new PS3 as a family oreintated console that focuses on entertainment for the whole family then that leaves a slot for the PS4 to take up the high end console slot.

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