TheVerge - 'Sports Champions 2' focuses on making local multiplayer easy

TheVerge - In an era in which more and more games have some kind of online multiplayer component, Sports Champions 2 is staying steadfastly local.

The original Sports Champions, which launched with the PlayStation Move in September 2010, had no online multiplayer mode. The sequel still doesn't have online play, although it does offer leaderboards and Facebook integration. Instead, co-developers Zindagi Games and Sony San Diego are doubling down on local multiplayer with a new Party Play mode and some tweaks to facilitate a fun experience with friends in the home.

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sinncross2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Well, this is definitely good news. But hopefully the sequel will get some online MP going :)

Also, if they are allowing customizable avatars, then I think they should really throw in Sony character gear, like being able to wear Clank (from Ratchet/ Clank) on your back.. or Kratos blades... or even Toro as a caddy lol!

rufusman912738d ago

Sweet Jesus,
Motion gaming needs to be put on hold until significant improvement standards are meant.

r212738d ago

Ahah! knew they were gonna incorporate some sort of character creator based on that trailer.