Gears of War won't suck on SD-TV

Gears of War has been tested on a wide range of different TV's,so there will be no brightness issues or small text syndrome for people who own Standard definition TV's...

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eques judicii5846d ago

finally a development team steping up to the plate and realizing that not everyone has an hdtv... i do, but not everyone ;-)

General5846d ago

What do you mean by that? What games suck on a SDTV?

eques judicii5846d ago

dead rising... can't read the font... read the article they also mention king kong

happygamer5846d ago

i dont have one and i dont care to admit it. i would love to have one but i dont have that kind of money.

ElementX5846d ago

That's why you get no interest financing for 12 months ;) I did that with my $2000 Trinitron 2 years ago at Best Buy. It's a CRT but it's freaking sweet.

STICKzophrenic5846d ago

That's what I'm planning on doing within a year or so hopefully. As of right now I have a few credit cards (0% APR) that I'm working on paying off. Once they're cleared, my fiance and I will go TV shopping and try to get a top of the line set.

PS360WII5846d ago

Good idea thinking of the little people. ha sorry couldn't resist. Good thinking though we don't want another Dead Rising

hamburgerhill5846d ago

Thanks Epic for taking your time to think about everyone and not just a select few!

zonetrooper55846d ago

Well you can use a PC montior to get HD visuals, that how i play my xbox 360 games in HD by hooking my xbox 360 up to my TV which is also a PC montior by using the VGA cable.

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The story is too old to be commented.