Nintendo's Wii-U is in the drivers seat this console generation.

Even if the Japanese based company had a very bad E3 this year in regards to games for the Wii-U. Nintendo should not be taken lightly as far as their new home console that will deliver on all fronts of the console wars. How can the Wii-U start the pre-emptive strike you ask? This piece will encourage you to gear up and go to war with a Nintendo console other than a 700 dollar Xbox Live service, or a 700 dollar Blu-Ray player from Sony.

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MultiConsoleGamer2744d ago

Completely do not agree that Nintendo had a "bad e3 as regard to games for the WiiU."

Only Nintendo-Land was bad, everything else was good. Games like Zombie-U, Project P-100 and Pikmin 3 were some of the best games at the show.

WeskerChildReborned2744d ago

I'm just disapointed their wasn't anymore interesting games announced for me. I am looking forward to ZombiU, AC3, Aliens Colonial Marines, and Batman Arkham city.


Sorry dude but Nintendo fans want Zelda, Zelda Zelda... just saying... lol but seriously Nintendo is going to blow next E3 out of the water!

live2play2744d ago

and also kirby kirby kirby,mario mario mario, metroid metroid metroid, starfox starfox starfox

and ps3 fans want uncharted uncharted uncharted, god of war god of war god of war,

xbox fans want halo halo halo, gears gears gears, and cod cod cod, cod cod cod, cod cod cod oh and dont forget their big hitter cod cod cod


.... COD comes out for all consoles.

Sgt_Slaughter2744d ago

But that's one of the only games on the Xbox 360 XD

AO1JMM2744d ago

Zelda fans know that Skyward Sword was just released and they they have to wait awhile to see another game (outside of any handheld versions that is)

metroid322744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Its obvious that Nintendo are holding bk Metroid/Zelda/Smash bros/F-Zero/MarioKart/Myamotos new game ect for Next E3 when ps4/720 will be announced as Nintendo will need its big guns then to keep attention on WiiU that is the most obvious thing i saw at E3 and the ports are all superior ports with better Graphics/Resolution/Textures/F ramerates,ect also added content will be on disc plus new areas and animations in Razors Edge for e.g.

Expect these games at next E3 2013

Smash Bros
Mario world 3D
Myamoto's new game/characters
Eternal darkness 2

Some of these games will be shown before then but will get their real reveal at next E3 2013,even maybe 1 or 2 of these are launching before next E3 who know's but there are lots of games on the horizon and with Ninty holding a powerful box expect all their best franchises to be realized on WiiU as Wii wasn't a good fit for these games to move foward except wii did a good job at Smash bros as that looked as good as a ps3 game.

Look out for that CryEngine 3 game being made by a respectful partner of crytek the game will be shown at GAMESCOM i think and its meant to look very special indeed.

We also know UE4 can be ported to WiiU as epic said so a few weeks bk and that the WiiU is powerful enough to run UE4 but they have no plans to support it in the near future but 3rd partys can make use of UE4 on WiiU for game development.

TheSuperior 2744d ago

Nintendo at E3 was a huge disappointment. It was unbelievable that was the way they decided to advertise their next console. Players want games like Zombi U (which was a huge plus) but what it seems like they are getting are titles like Mario Bro U, Raymen Legends and third party titles all core gamers can already play comfortably with the consoles they own. We want games like how Mario 64 was or maybe a new ZELDA? I’ll bet my money on them next year but as of now i am still skeptical.

PopRocks3592744d ago

So you expect Nintendo to snap their fingers and just have a Zelda ready and waiting for E3? In case you're new to the party, Nintendo doesn't run things that way historically. There is almost four or five years between each Zelda game and not often (if ever) are any of them launch titles as oppose to games to send a console generation off on. Twilight Princess for the Gamecube and Skyward Sword for the Wii for example. The same thing applies to 3D Mario games.

Anyway, they devoted an entire segment to Batman Arkham City Armored Edition and showcased a montage of third party games; most of which were core titles.

I'm not saying you can't be skeptical, mostly because of the emphasis on Nintendo Land. But that's hardly any reason to pretend as if there were no good things whatsoever shown for Wii U.

PopRocks3592744d ago

Reggie has said that Retro wasn't nearly ready to show anything in terms of their new project.

rufusman912744d ago

No sure if should take serious as video game console,
if should mock and call it a "little kid's toy".

FinalomegaS2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Don't take it seriously. I mean it's a POS that can't play games like FPS genre. It can't do HD 1080p. It can't play mature games like Ninja Garden.

I can go on of how Crap that pos is. I was pissed when they said it would have a disc that hold 25gigs instead of the multi disc usage DVDs.

I think you should mock it. Come on it must be a kids toy, has that beautiful screen that let's you keep playing while the big screen is being used.

Come on, with a name like wiiu, whole the hell even knows wtf a wii is...?

Fyi: the casual had their chance and made Nintendo a fortune. Now comes round 2, pretty sure it's going to be more like cube vs xbx vs ps2

The advantage handicap we had last round obviously made alot of fans go A-wall. Idk what will happen when we see Retros masterpiece or EADs. Making fun of it now will be your better bet and then later on say.. Hahaha was just joking, that shyt looks beast. =)

NastyLeftHook02744d ago

in the drivers seat of a prius?

AO1JMM2744d ago

I suppose the PS3 is in the drivers seat of a 7 series BMW then?


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