Darksiders II Pre-order Bonus Breakdown

Out of all the games to come out in August, Darksiders II has some of the best pre-order bonuses. Hailed as THQ’s lifesaver, this game looks to be a blast to play come August 14. Goozernation takes the time to breakdown the Amazon, Gamestop, and Best Buy pre-order bonuses for gamers.

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Whitefeather2745d ago

Just preorder from the THQ store to get the season pass for free.

ApolloTheBoss2745d ago

God I that bonus soo bad but it sucks I'm broke right now!

rufusman912745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )



InklingGirl2745d ago

I hate to admit it but the GameStop preorders are the best, you get what Amazon gives you plus there's own DLC.

Whitefeather2745d ago

THQ store has the best you get all the preorder DLC and the season pass.

-MD-2745d ago

Dead wrong. Whitefeather has it right.

rezzah2745d ago

BestBuy is the only place to get the comic (prequel to the game) along with an exclusive armor set.

The angels of death pack.

VanguardOfCalamity2745d ago

Got Darksiders II CE ordered from Gamestop for PC and Sleeping Dogs pre ordered from Amazon - cause I luvs me some Kung Fu - August is shaping up to be a good month :)

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