One Night With the Most-Hated Game on the Internet

IGN - You’d be hard pressed describing spending the night playing Modern Warfare 3 as some kind of chore, at least to people who only ever really engage with video games casually. Sounds fun enough, they presume. It’s certainly beats laying bricks or pulling beers; it’s not like it’s work.

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TopDudeMan2302d ago


Took me 9 hours to copy and paste your dumb comment.

Omnislash2302d ago


CoD is the Madden of FPS's!
I swear this gen they took their eyes off the gamers and put them on the money smfh.....

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GaboCalde2303d ago

Make an unbalanced and awful game with dated graphics. Sales: 10k

Put Call of Duty on the name. Sales: 10m

Fil1012303d ago

@ Marcus "dying from bullets 10ft away" well i'm no scientist but there's a very good chance in real life that from 10ft away you will dye. and as for glitches i've not came accross any as of yet and I play the game every weekend. The fact that all the people that hate on mw3 or any other cod game just because it's "cod" is sad, we get that you dont like cod but jeez stop bitchen about it oh and one last thing the usually the people that moan about these game are the people that can't play em.


guess the keyword in your statement at the end is usually.

I know quite a lot of top players who have stopped playing MW3 because of all the crap that goes on in the game, but I would hardly say they were crap at it.

The funny thing is MW3 is one of the few games where a shit player really can go into that game and get away with a lot of crap, come out on top and think he is actually really good.

it is true though usually is the crap players that do the most moaning which is why the game ends up being changed to suit their needs.

Fil1012301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

yeah you kinda hit the nail on the head there, yes you can be crap at cod but still do amazingly well but there are people out there that are just crap.

WeskerChildReborned2302d ago

Yea that made no sense about being 10ft away.

sriki0072303d ago

enough of this game already!!

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The story is too old to be commented.