A Look Back At Some Of The Best Music In Video Games [GameRevolution Retrospective]

Alex Osborn from GameRevolution writes:

"I love music and I guess those of you reading this article do too. I mean, really... who doesn't? Music has the ability to stir up all sorts of emotions, from joy to fear, sadness to excitement. And while music alone can generate a response from the listener like no other form of expression, when used to accompany something else, it can elevate an experience to new heights. Obviously we're going to be talking about its incorporation with video games, seeing as how that's what we tend to talk about here at GameRevolution. Go figure. So without further ado, let's get right into it."

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dbjj120882734d ago

The music can make or break a game sometimes.

Sev2734d ago

Oh shit, I love Tera's theme. My favorite game ever.

Xof2733d ago

Terra's Theme is -fantastic-. But then again, most of the music in FFs 5-9 was god-tier. I particularly like the... "going home"(?) track from FF5.

But naming any FF game in terms of best music is kind of a cop-out, given the sheer, eclipsing talent of Nobuo Uematsu.

Branching out a bit, I've always been quite fond of the music in:

Xenosaga Trilogy
Dot Hack G.U. Trilogy
Ghost Trick
Disgaea Series
And, of course, Dragon Quest. Particularly the instrumental version they did for DQ8.

rufusman912734d ago

Mass Effect 3 and Metal Gear Solid have the best soundtracks.

victoryscreeeeeech2734d ago

that last song in the mass effect 3 ending, no matter how bad those endings were, made me cry, i thought it was very powerful.

Xof2733d ago

I was crying, too. But not because of the music.

alexcosborn2734d ago

Ah yes. Loved Mass Effect's music as well.

TheRealTedCruz2734d ago

Alan Wake, as far as soundtracks featuring licensed music goes, was easily one of the best for me.

Each song was well chosen and wrapped up the chapter very, very well.

alexcosborn2734d ago

Very true. I loved that game.

creatchee2734d ago

I love the God of War soundtracks - recurring themes, but never really repeating the same pieces over and over.

decimalator2734d ago

I love the God of War soundtracks, especially GoW3. I love that rumbling low brass.

For something different, play through inFamous and listen closely to the music.

Red Dead Redemption had that great ambient layering of musical fragments that blended right into my systematic butchering of every animal in the Old West.

It's not very fair to compare this generations music to even the last generation -- just the jump in technology to go from Stereo to 5.1 with the early HD games, and the extra processing the new hardware gives to allow for more complex music. And try fitting even highly compressed digital audio onto an NES cart. That's why old school games had short, repetitive bleep bloop themes, they probably got a few kilobytes worth of space dedicated to the BGM.

But of course all of the Star Wars games have the benefit of being able to use John Williams' movie themes, which of course gives them an edge over any other music, ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.