Amazon Kicks Off PlayStation 3 Exclusive Games Sale For $19.99 And Under; More Deals Too

PSLS: has just started an all-new sale on select PlayStation 3 titles, all listed for $19.99 and under. Best of all, the majority of these titles are all Sony-published PS3 exclusives.

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alexcosborn2740d ago

Wow, lots of great stuff there!

Sev2740d ago

Good timing, I need something else to play while I wait for Sound Shapes.

doctorstrange2740d ago

I want that game out already

Campy da Camper2740d ago

OK. Call me ignorant but what is with this sound shapes game? I keep reading about it abd saw some screen shots but didn't look that interesting? Am I missing something?

Ares84HU2740d ago

You can get those games a lot cheaper than those prices.

moparful992739d ago

So I am officially in love with the sly cooper series after playing the thievius racconus hd remake recently.. I need that cly collection asap! and for 20 buck thats a deal I can't pass up.. Looking forward to sly 4 :)

dbjj120882740d ago

Ugh, jeez. The Steam sale just wrapped up. Please let me keep some of my money.

Sev2740d ago

That Steam sale cleaned me out. Only problem is I don't play even half of the games I buy. The deals are just too good to pass up, then I never have time to try anything. Happened last year too.

GamerElite2740d ago Show
M83_2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

@ GamerElite

Said the 14 year old virgin that thinks mom jokes are still funny...

Nitrox2740d ago

I know your situation all too well. I always end up spending way more that I originally intended, then spend the next week hopping from game to game while I figure out which one to invest myself in first...

Had to chuckle to myself seeing that disagree for your comment, like someone saying "F-you man, you have the time..."

NastyLeftHook02740d ago

wow, heavy rain and the ico collection for $20.00 each is a great deal.

Sev2740d ago

Shut up and take my money. Amirite?

PS: I just double memed your comment on another post.

HammadTheBeast2740d ago

Not sure if trolling or stupid.

I;m joking,by the way, you took the only other meme.

Sev2739d ago

Haha, he changed it to Forever Alone, so now we look stupid

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The story is too old to be commented.