PSN Down For Some Users?

For some users, the PSN seems to have been unavailable since thursday night. Many of these people are on Orange Broadband, though Orange deny that anything is wrong.

"I am too with Orange and my connection has worked flawlessly since I got a PS3 (march), until yesterday. Now all I get is the message "The connection with PLAYSTATION Network timed out" or "An error has occurred. You have been signed out of the PLAYSTATION Network (80710092)".
I am getting NAT type 'Failed' on the PS3 connection test and it can't connect to the PSN. Both computers in my house work fine on the internet. I can still use the browser on the PS3.
None of the network settings on the PS3 or my router have been changed, so the problem is not at my end."

There are a couple of threads about it on the official forums:

"I just wanted to try and get the issue publicised so that it gets sorted as soon as possible."


Can I just state that the problem doesn't seem to be just with Orange anymore. (Although they have admitted that they have trouble with one of their servers).
I just have broadband with them so I can verify that it doesn't work. If you look at the thread, there's people with Tiscali, AOL, etc that all have the same problem.

*The problems only seems to be in Europe though, so this may not apply to the US.*

EDIT: The problems seem to have been sorted out now.
To all the people who said this was fake, did you actually read any of the thread? This was not a problem with my router.

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Cwalat4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

i get disconnected about 50% of all the times i go online...
its kinda bummer to have broken online service when online service is what i wanted most from PS3...
kinda sukks, just cause its free doesnt mean they should provide half online service...

edit: jujunogo, lol why would i make that up ? im loyal PS3 owner that is having some really big issues... who the fu*k are u to judge me for it ? i do know how to set up internet connections. it worked fine back in summer 07, but ever since then ive not been able to connect 50% of the time, so dont come with that BS that im making this up... u dont know what kind of shiet i've been put up with...

jujunogo4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

this is some bullshit attempt for someone to make it seem like psn is breaking down like xbox live...I have never had a problem with my psn or any of my psn friends.. i would suggest thou the best connection is NAT 1 the ps3 hooked directly to the modem and oh yea stick to comcast in america if you can

gamesR4fun4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

always like 100% probably doesnt hurt that I know how to set up a network...

This seems pretty random going from the thread it certainly not a major issue unless your one the guys saying you cant get on....

MikeGdaGod4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

for about two days i had trouble with the PSN. i'm in the US (Chicago)

i couldn't get into video chat but i was online.

i kept getting "NAT type 'Failed'" on the PS3 connection test. i was really busy and didn't have time to call sony but two days later it was ok and has been ever since.

i don't know what the problem was

barom4385d ago

the NAT thing is something in the setting. I don't really remember. But I had that problem. You basically need to open some ports through the network or enable something like UPND or something I don't remember.

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360sucks4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

not mind
its working fine
all lies
me and da kids are playing
rock band online now

MaximusPrime4385d ago

this is forum post. do not approve. (could be xbot's attempt to upset us because of xbox live failure last xmas)

The network affect a few people. I have no problem with PSN since march last year.

Mr_Kuwabara4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

I was playing yesterday and I got disconnected once but it has happened to me before.

Too bad for those guys, well I'm off to play GH3 online. =P

Vip3r4385d ago

I'm getting this too but I'm guessing it's Tiscali seeing that IE7 is going sh!t slow and web pages keep needing to be refreshed all the time. That along with COD4 not working, *****.

Lord Anubis4385d ago

it's strange that is happening to some user not an entire country in Europe. PSN works fine for me here in Silicon Valley but I can't speak for Europe.

MaximusPrime4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

im from london and i have had no problem. I must have a best ISP ever.

why disagree with me? i use Namesco (most of you never heard of). cost is a little high but it worth it.

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The story is too old to be commented.