Should Sony Release The Last Guardian On The PS4?

GOS: "The Last Guardian was first revealed in 2008, and the project is running at seven years if you add the assumption that Team ICO started development after the 2005 release of Shadow of the Colossus on the PS2.I’m beginning to believe that Sony should keep The Last Guardian in development and release it as a launch title for their next-gen console, the PS4."

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NastyLeftHook02737d ago

sorry but these types of games belong to the sony family.

PoSTedUP2737d ago

yes to ps4.

currently playing: Harvest Moon psp

Agent_00_Revan2737d ago

I think he meant versions for Both the PS3 and PS4. Like Hitman: Blood Money and other games did before.

Gaming1012737d ago

The team doesn't have the resources to do anything other than a single console release, and it's a Japanese team with a good relationship with Sony. 0% chance of the game coming out on a non-Sony platform, however the team has been making the game for PS3 this entire time, it would take a massive amount of work and money to throw out everything they just made and start over on different architecture, learn the new architecture of the PS4, and then code for it. It would take years, and they would likely get stuck in the coding situation they're in right now with The Last Guardian.

IHateYouFanboys2737d ago

@Gaming101: "The team doesn't have the resources to do anything other than a single console release, and it's a Japanese team with a good relationship with Sony. 0% chance of the game coming out on a non-Sony platform"

thats a long winded way of saying "Sony owns Team Ico" lol, which they do - theyre first party.

whatever the situation is with Team Ico, they need to fix it. its been 7 years since their last game, and their current one shows no signs of release in the next 12 months. its a stuff up of polyphony digital proportions. theyre only going to, at best, release a single game in a generation - a generation that has been the LONGEST generation out of all by a few years already.

Ico and SotC are 2 of my favourite games of all time, like many people on here, but its just bordering on ridiculous how long its taken them to make the follow up game.

ame222737d ago

No shit? At least there are a few people that got it right , like PostedUP and azshorty2003 stated I meant both PS3 and PS4. This being N4G, I thought I didn't need to elaborate, oh well.

specialguest2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Do you even know what Cross Platform means?? By Cross Platform, it means within the Sony family of systems.

Cross Platform doesn't equal Multi-Platform

LOL at all of the people who disagreed with ame22 confusing Cross Platform meaning.

PoSTedUP2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

cross platform can mean non-sony platforms. cross-platform is games interacting with eachother from platform to platform (most likely online) whether it be 360 ps3 pc. (e.g. i always wanted cod PS3 online to be cross-platform with PC)
multiplatform is a game released on multiple platforms...

but yeah tension did think he meant multiplatform, or did he? ame might have not made himself clear enough... i need to stop caring about stupid confusion... bye.

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DigitalRaptor2737d ago

After all the attempts to get it running on PS3 and playable, I doubt moving it over to PS4 would give them much advantage and means that they will have to completely re-write the code for that console, adding more years to its development.

Just get it out for PS3 sooner rather than later (on PS4).

Shnazzyone2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

I'm doubting it will happen at all. Expect the unfinished game to get picked up by someone 10 years down the line off ebay and be finished as a fan project.

Khronikos2737d ago

Oh god **** it just redo it on PS4. Team Ico what and the **** went wrong. Ico is your only true masterpiece. While you are at it remake Shadow into the game it could be with full on 1080p and high end visuals.

They could not even get Shadow running at 1080p 30fps and MLAA on the PS3. Pathetic. New consoles please.

NastyLeftHook02737d ago

ico and shadow of the colossus are both masterpieces that must be played by every single living human being on gods green and blue earth.

TacoTaru2737d ago

PS3 and play it on the backwards compatible PS4.

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The story is too old to be commented.