PSU Gives 9/10 To PixelJunk Monsters

PSU writes:

"PixelJunk Monsters is a title that helps strengthen the quality offerings of the PlayStation Network. With an easy to learn experience and a game with unlimited replayability, it comes to no surprise that this title should be looked at as a steal for a measly $7.99. You can barely go see a newly released movie for that kind of cash, why bother when you can spend it like this and get unlimited enjoyment in return for your money."

+ Solid co-op play
+ Beautiful 2D world
+ Easy learning curve

- No online multiplayer

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TheExecutive4384d ago

this game is fun. buy it. dont be cheap. its only 8 bucks.

MaximusPrime4384d ago

another great mark for PS3 game. The games are slowly getting better and better. No doubt this year will be the best year for Sony.

EZCheez4384d ago

I hesitantly downloaded it, like I always do, and i'm glad I did. It's an awesome game and has a lot more depth than I thought it would.

It's definitely not for everyone though. This isn't exactly intense. It's a lot of strategy so i'm sure a lot of people might not go for it. Still an awesome game though.

Luca Blight4384d ago

one of the overlooked gems of early 2008

kalistyles4384d ago

If you guys say its as good as it is I think I'll download it. I eyed it a couple of times and just passed it over but now I think I want to give it a go.

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The story is too old to be commented.