How to Add Flavor to the Roster of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

What an odd thing this PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has become. Here we have something that on appearances seems to be a Smash Bros. clone (even if the developers refuse to acknowledge it). It is an interesting game to look at on paper and analyze how it will affect the market, but the question remains whether it can live up to it’s inspiration.

Sony has by far the most diverse portfolio of games in this business. So when a game like Battle Royale comes along and doesn’t seem to get the attention that the Sony brand can bring, then something just isn’t right. With the game coming only a few short months from now, I’m not sure there is much to do to boost confidence in the game, but conjecture is fun anyway.

With such a small list of characters revealed so far, there is so much potential in what new characters could spice the game up with. Here are some ideas on who could help sell Battle Royale.

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smashcrashbash2736d ago

So you plan to give them all the money they need to do all these things? Do you think all the third parties will just do it for free or something?

UnitSmiley2736d ago

There does totally need to be a FF rep though.

Omar912736d ago

I agree with him. the game needs more flavor in terms of characters. I wanna see a diverse roster of characters

MoreRPG2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Yep this game needs more female characters they should add Nariko, Lightning and the girl from portal 2

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