A New EA CEO Would Be Bittersweet

From the column: "If you’ve been paying any heed to recent industry rumours and reports then you might have seen the news that EA might be firing their CEO this July. That’s right, John “The future is digital” Riccitiello might well be out of a job come August, if rumours are to be believed.

And I can’t really say I completely like it…

Now I know there are some of you who scoff at anything Electronic Arts, and will visit every news piece from them, on this site or any other, to post your hatred for them in the comments before heading back to playing Mass Effect, Rock Band or Battlefield online, but I implore you to hear me out (well, read) and allow me to provide your darkened minds with insight, that I may shed light on some revelations you may not have ever even realised of the company you claim to abhor."

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