The Last Of Us: How Naughty Dog Made Ellie And Enemies Feel Human - In The Last of Us, players control Joel who has seen the world fall apart after a "fungapocalypse" while Ellie was born after modern civilization crumbled. Ellie is completely controlled by the computer, but The Last of Us won’t be one long escort mission. Ellie has been designed to react to situations and she will grow throughout the game. In this interview, Bruce Straley, Game Director, explains how Naughty Dog developed Ellie and the enemy artificial intelligence.

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Prcko2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

season changes,oh my,SNOW???
day 1!!!

NastyLeftHook02277d ago

wow, that got me even more excited!

ChunkyLover532277d ago

Didn't Shenmue have season changes as well? Cool feature.

thezeldadoth2277d ago

shenmue had a lot of things that it doesn't get credit for.

Ken222277d ago

Damn game just keeps getting better and better every time i hear about it.

AO1JMM2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Cannot wait for this game to come out.

The game looks amazing, and will be a day 1 purchase.

any new footage of the game yet?

Seriously a disagree? WTF!!!!?

user54670072277d ago

This is what I like about ND, they push themselfs to create better games. They chose to have a desert setting in Uncharted 3 because it was hard to do sand particles and they wanted the challenge....this is why at the time I wanted them to get best studio at the VGAs...oh but I forgot, as much as I love them and their games, Bethesda won, despite Skyrim still being full of bugs.

I really hope The Last of Us is a one off game for ND...only because with how amazing it looks I wouldn't want it to be stretched over three games. I'd rather them wrap up the story at the end of the game, least with Uncharted Drake could go on differn't adventures for his games.

NastyLeftHook02277d ago

exactly, it not only the graphics, gameplay, its the cutscenes, the audio, the quality, the ai, every game nd does is gold.

Psycho_PS3Truthh2277d ago

I always thought nothing next year will be as powerful as bioshock but the last of us seems to be on par with the greatness of bioshock infinite. I cannot wait to see the next trailer that they showed to the chosen ones behind closed doors.

WeskerChildReborned2277d ago

By making better AI and more realistic features. I'm so looking forward to Last of Us. I wish their was a release date already.

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The story is too old to be commented.