Why next-gen cannot be digital-only

Are the current generation of gamers really ready to abandon physical media? Better yet - are we even able to? [MMGN]

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Whitefeather2736d ago

I like my Physical media, if it goes all digital I'm personally quit gaming as my main hobby and play only the games I can't live without.

Soldierone2736d ago

Its simple, some people wont switch no matter how you try to make them.You don't want to lose these consumers, so a physical medium will always be available to them.

Why do you think CD's are still being sold? And book stores are still opening up? Because people (like me) don't want digital things.

Personally don't think video games can withstand digital yet, and next generation will be a transition to it more than anything. You probably wont see "Digital only" models hitting till the middle-end of next generation. Internet connections still suck in a majority of area's, reliability, and above all else, entitlement. I still play "unpopular" games that released years do I know those titles will still be available to "stream" ? So I would have paid 60 dollars to rent it? Look at servers shutting down....the recent lists come out and I still have interest in playing a lot of them....

Ducky2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

When online servers are shut down, they're shut down because, regardless of if anyone is playing that game or not, those servers have to be paid for.
So for an unpopular game, it makes sense to close the servers down since they're not getting much use.

Whereas when it comes to streaming services, the server gets used as long as any game is being streamed on it. So even if there was an unpopular game that was only played once in a blue moon, they wouldn't take it down because other games can still use that server. Having the unpopular game in their library isn't costing them anything aside from storage (which is relatively cheap).

kma2k2736d ago

The main two things holding it back. Slow average download speed & just as important download caps.

ChunkyLover532736d ago

Its been confirmed that next generation will have physical media. I know the companies want digital so it can be 100% profit, but the internet isn't good enough for that. Also, more and more ISP's are giving bandwidth limits to prevent piracy and for other reasons.

I think we'll see more of that, and actually less talk on digital only games in the future.

Baka-akaB2736d ago

Late to the party to debate something that was never even considered

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The story is too old to be commented.