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This weekend marked the final beta session for ArenaNet’s upcoming MMO Guild Wars 2 before its official release on August 28th and I was lucky enough to snag an invite. As a longtime fan and player of the original Guild Wars, I was excited to dive head-first back into the world of Tyria and to see for myself how Guild Wars 2 is shaping up. Read on for my thoughts and opinions and feel free to share your own in the comments.

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rdgneoz32279d ago

Nice preview, though a few things off. Thieves don't build initiative, it regens. Most skills they use require a set amount of initiative to use. From GW2 wiki, "Whenever a weapon skill is used, it will consume a certain number of initiative from the available pool. Initiative will replenish naturally at one point every 1.67 seconds."

Also, every profession has a unique attribute and ability or such, though not always a resource management like adrenaline or initiative. Though with initiative, it is more of the thief's version of weapon skill cooldowns that every other profession gets. Every other profession has some sort of cooldown on weapon skills (except the auto attack), which thieves can use the same skill as many times as they have the initiative for it.

The thief unique ability is stealing and unique attribute is "cunning" which increases the rate that you can steal. Hunters main thing is pets, and their attribute is empathy which increases their pets stats. Necro's get Death Shroud and "hunger", which increase the life force pool that DS uses. Etc.

Also, as you start out, you have just your weapon skills and healing ability (plus your unique ability). As you go, you unlock 3 regular utility slots and then an elite utility slot.

Can't wait for the game to hit retail at the end of Aug. The final beta was fun, couldn't believe they did a Hunger Games event for the end of it.

ha2e482279d ago

Woah! Way too many words up in here!

rdgneoz32279d ago

Hey, you're down to one bubble. Was wondering how long you'd last at 2.