PS3 super slim could "shift the tides in Sony's favor"

PS3 "super slim" (PS3-4000) has been rumored for some time now, and it's starting to look more real. While the new PS3 doesn't appear to be making its official appearance at gamescom next month, the rumors suggest a 16GB model based on flash memory for possibly as little as £99 ($150). If Sony does indeed go forward with the aggressive pricing move, it could have a huge impact on Sony's competitors and the industry as a whole.

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donniebaseball2330d ago

Really hope Sony goes for it. The console biz could use that spark. PS3 for $150 would be awesome.

Morrigan-Aensland2330d ago

I can't wait to buy the new ps3 slim version 2.

::throws money at screen, my kitty attacks it::

Abash2330d ago

This would be huge for PlayStation All-Stars, a cheaper entry point plus a game that highlights most of Sony's best series could be the perfect storm leading to next gen

darthv722330d ago

if there is a cheaper point of entry for the ps3 then the ones who should be excited are the ones getting it for the first time.

Truth be told...the prices on all platforms are coming down to a point where it can be cost effective to pick up the ones you dont have. Each platform has a great back catalog of games worth playing.

2329d ago
Boody-Bandit2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Yeah Ballmer is right. Sony should focus all of it's efforts on the PS4. There is no reason why Sony should come out with a new console revision at a cheaper price point. We all know the PS2 stopped selling the day the PS3 released. Sony can't repeat that same mistake again.

Extreme Sarcasm

blackbeld2329d ago

When PS3 slim comes out and is only €150,- then its game over for 360.

Washington-Capitals2329d ago

Blu Ray win
God of War
A million price cuts
PS Move
......... and so on

Were all supposed to "shift the tides in Sony's favor"

1Victor2328d ago

@ everyone saying $150 that is the conversion of Euros to dollars if its indeed €99 it would be $99 that's how its always been .

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himdeel2330d ago

I read this with every iteration of the PS3/price drop and each time it moves units for a month or two then goes back to normal then people complain it's still to expensive.

I'd buy another one but oh well. Nothing to see here...

nukeitall2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

I think a $150 price tag on PS3 is something that will definitely have a longer term impact as the price discrepancy is huge.

However, I question if Sony is able to deliver a console at that price considering their dire financial situation.

Even if Sony did deliver, MS is more concerned about profit at this stage than market share and invest that profit into their next console. A $50 price drop from MS might just nullify a lot of the benefit to Sony, and in the process hurt themselves even more.

It just doesn't make sense to have such a steep price drop for Sony. I see a $199 16GB PS3 as the most sensible and logical step.

gaffyh2330d ago

@himdeel - The only reason that happens is because the 360 has ALWAYS been cheaper than the PS3, and when Sony drops price to the same level as a 360, you see PS3 overtake Xbox 360 in terms of sales, and then Microsoft has always responded a few months later by dropping the price below the lowest priced PS3 SKU.

That's why you see that small jump, however, if it is priced at £99, a price cut by MS probably wouldn't help because £99 is very affordable.

Mustang300C20122329d ago

@ gaffyh

The PS3 had a price drop last year this same time. The 360 was the most sold console of the 2011 without a price drop. Seeing how many years now has the 360 gone without a price drop? Your claim of following suit isn't a true claim.

gaffyh2328d ago

@RedHemi - Same thing could be said about PS3. It hasn't really had a price drop to the same level of the 360 since MS released the Xbox 360 S. So my point is still 100% true and valid whenever the price of the consoles is exactly the same, PS3 sells more.

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Patriots_Pride2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

$150 PS3 would be massive and I would get 2 day one being that I still have my launch phat but it giving signs of kicking the bucket.

This will also force MS to drop the price on the 360.

See fanboys this is why its good to have competition.

Edit: One thing I dont get is why did'nt Sony just mention this super PS3 slim at E3...its not a new console but this announcement would have made noise at E3. Also if they had bought Gaikai before E3 that also would have been a huge noise maker.

FunAndGun2330d ago

they didn't mention it at E3 because they don't want people to stop buying the PS3 on the market now in anticipation of the new model.

NastyLeftHook02330d ago

im pretty sure sony can do it, it would be nice to see a price drop before e3 2013.

Gamer19822329d ago

Indeed £99 would kill the competition at least for a while. As 360 could lower the price but then you add live on top and unless the 360 goes to £50 (which it wont) the ps3 is miles better value. As you get the free online and blu-ray. As gaming devices I wont argue as both have there plus sides. I'm talking value for money here. £99 is not only a sweet spot it's a KILLER.

DA_SHREDDER2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

I have 2 ps3s, but would buy this one in a heart beat. Add a 500GB external HDD and Ill be set.

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blue7_72330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

Yeah it could but it would have to be priced at $100 to maybe $150 for it to make an impact but just 16 gb is kind of low especially seeing how a lot of PS3 games have mandatory installations.

If they just drop the price to $200 it wont do a thing just like their price cut a last year which people tend to forget happened just shows how ineffective it was they need to be very aggressive with this rumored new slim.

@donnie yes I know 16GB isn't low but the 4GB works for the Xbox 360 because no game requires a mandatory installation except for halo 4 just for the multiplayer. The Ps3 on the other hand many games do require mandatory installation so it is kind of low after a while you will have to manage the harddrive a lot like deleting some games to install new ones. Yes I understand cloud storage will become prevalent but it's not going to happen this year or anytime soon for it to be significant.

donniebaseball2330d ago

16 GB isn't that low. Xbox 360 has the 4GB SKU. Cloud storage will become more prevalent. Sony just bought Gaikai. And of course there are always external HDD storage solutions if needed.

moparful992329d ago

I can't remember the last time I had a game with a "mandatory" installation.. That trick is a thing of the past now that sony has considerably reduced the memory footprint of the OS.

Jazz41082329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

You don't buy many games do you? Let me fix your statement so its true"I can't remember a game on the ps3 that does not require a partial install". I do know there are a few but 99 percent require it and it has nothing to do with memory it has to do with how fast the system reads from the bluray drive and that has not changed. @tentonsoftube....please show me something that shows the ps3 slim is more reliable then the 360 slim. The reports I have seen from major websites show the 360 slim being the most reliable of the two but I know most of you will not believe it no matter how true it is. What's funny is in every sony article about this new slim I see all these sony fans over and over saying they will buy the new slim because there machine is on the fritz or its loud or its overheating or it still is ylod. This does not sound more reliable to me. I will give you 360 models before the slim but after that the ps3 has the higher failure rate by far. I personaly had 1 360 replaced under warranty and have had 2 ps3's die that sony refused to fix out of there 90 day labor warranty where ms gave a 3 year parts and labor warranty so you can bet your butt they made sure the 360 slim would not cause them problems and for the most part very few.

moparful992329d ago

I have 30+ games and the last game I remember having a madatory install was mass effect 2 and that was 2 years ago.. You are making false claims, oh and yes the ram makes a huge difference because with a reduced OS footprint devs can now background load and cache information.. More ram=more background loading. Learn your facts before you try to make these baseless statements

Gamer19822329d ago

A lot of games have mandatory installations? Where you from 2006? Any game I bought in the last 4 years hasn't had mandatory installation. Devs have got around it now they know the console better. Plus its a perfect starter console for people.

Sagetech2329d ago

Bought Starhawk this month and it has a hefty 2.5 gig install guy. The install thing isn't as common as it once was but believe me it's still there.

cee7732329d ago

mortal kombat
saints row third
heavy rain
uncharted 2 & 3
red dead redemption
just cause 2

are some off the head that require partial install

units2330d ago

At that price it would bleed Sony dry

NastyLeftHook02330d ago

and yet we will get more exclusives, free online and still have a more reliable machine.

ALLWRONG2329d ago

yet Sony is in the hole, partly because of that free online.

Half-Mafia2330d ago

And how do you know that Sony is not going to making money on this 16GB PS3?

Biggest2330d ago

He doesn't know. He's just wishing really hard. He can't help himself.

Isis062329d ago

Who said Sony would make money?

Gamer19822329d ago

They would make there money back from games as they would only lose about £50 per console meaning they would only have to sell 3-4 games to break even.

GribbleGrunger2330d ago

Would these tides be American by any chance?

Patriots_Pride2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

**Comment exploded into a million tiny pieces of glittery magic**

BlackSharinganX2329d ago

i think thats what they are referring to, ps3 didnt sell much on past black friday thanks to the limit amount of them there were about 2 or 3 times as much xbox out, i used to work at GS most of the parents were looking for a ps3 themself but all out in a matter of seconds at least in my store and few more up miles ahead( to see if they had a ps3 so that the client would get, in a black friday doubt it but keep customers happy lol). so maybe if they shift more ps3 to america and give that lower price, people would indeed buy it.

ChunkyLover532330d ago

Haven't we heard this for years now though? we don't know what this console includes or what capabilities it offers. It might be something that is designed to go after casual gamers who want other applications like Netflix, Hulu Plus ect...

Its about time Sony offered something like this, but to think it'll have huge implications in a console war at this stage in the game would be ignorant.

New consoles are releasing next year, Nintendo is releasing one this year. You might see an immediate increase at first, but there isn't a huge group of people who want the current HD consoles, that don't already have them. If you've waited this long to get into PS3/360, your probably not a core type gamer.

FunAndGun2330d ago

man, you saw how the PS2 sold well into this current generation. There are TONS of people who still don't have PS3's or HD TV's for that matter.

ChunkyLover532330d ago

The PS2 sold well into the current generation because there was a huge backlog of games, and parents would buy them as a cheap alternative to newer consoles.

I think there might be room for some growth, but the HD consoles right now are saturated for the most part. You are not going to see a ton of sales, no matter the price.

You might see casuals or families buy it, just like the $99 Xbox 360 deal, but you will not see significant growth.

I understand this place is majority Sony, but deluding yourself with false hopes is sad at this point.

This new model is obviously aimed at casuals and families, I wouldn't doubt we see this new model bundled with a Move, Sorcery, Wonderbook, PS All Stars, LBP Karting or something like that. Is $50 off the current PS3 really going to entice the hoards like your believing? I don't really think it will.

Its not just the PS3 though, the Xbox 360 is saturated as well, even when there are $50 off coupons for the 4 gig, it doesn't really spike the sales.

Biggest2330d ago

I don't get your point, ChunkyLover53. Is it that you don't care about a cheaper PS3 (as if you cared about one to begin with) or that you think a cheaper PS3 won't sell? If your point is that a cheaper PS3 is aimed at casuals. . . Well you're wrong. It's still a PS3. It's just cheaper. You can still play each and every previous, current, and future PS3 game. The PS3 does have a huge backlog of games and a lower price point would qualify it as "a cheap alternative to newer consoles." There is no point to be made here. It's a PS3, but cheaper.

HammadTheBeast2330d ago

The PS2 is still selling extrememly well for a decade old console in the East, and this price drop will increase sales by a lot in Japan, China, and other countries. Its not really meant for North America or Europe.

joeorc2330d ago

"There are TONS of people who still don't have PS3's or HD TV's for that matter."

Agree 100%, I would say there is in my Opinion a very good chance that the growth for the PS3 is more geared to the area's in growing market's where the middle class has grown in other countries. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all touched on this very fact.

And just Like the PS2 , in other countries on the Globe, the PS2 was selling well even now , and the PS3 is set to do the same,for one the PS3 get's to a price point at $150.00 or less the system will continue to sell just as a network box alone for Media playing as a blu-ray player and with Netflix, Hulu etc. also ..Oh yea it also play's Games too!

that's the really big point about this generation the xbox360 and the PS3 are top set box's that are Less static as the PS2 and the first XBOX.

these are much more advanced in its capability to be able to be sold on the shelf world wide far longer due to that very fact, they will still have a very viable Use.Even when the new systems release. with such good price point''s both the xbox360 and the PS3 are going to be sold on the shelf for quite some time.

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