Download Nvidia's Next-Gen DX11 GeForce Demo 'New Dawn' Now

NowGamer- Nvidia has made it's latest realtime GPU tech demo available for download, enabling graphics fans to benchmark their rigs and get a glimpse at the future of game world visuals in the process.

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DaThreats2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Looked Good
Hopefully we atleast this close of level of detail on next-gen systems

Wuu2303d ago

No, next gen consoles will not even be close the system that's producing this demo.

TedCruzsTaint2303d ago

Very true.

The class of graphics card said to be used in the next-gen consoles (playstation and xbox) are rather low-end by today's standard. The consoles aren't set to release for another year and a half, at least.

It's what I keep trying to tell people, I don't expect the consoles to be pushing graphics much more technically impressive than those they are now. I just expect them to be running games in 1080p and, hopefully, at higher fps.

edgeofsins2303d ago

Dang, I didn't know that you knew the future. I was thinking that because when most consoles first come out that they have groundbreaking graphics compared to a lot of PC games that are released around the same time that there might be a POSSIBILITY or CHANCE that the next gen consoles COULD have graphics almost as good.

ChrisW2303d ago

GTX670 or GTX680 is required to run it smoothly on normal. SLI or a GTX690 to run it on Ultra setting.

The AMD HD7670 (PS4) has about 80% of GTX670's power.

However, as technology advances - better graphics will be achieved so it will be achievable, just not as soon as the console is released.

h311rais3r2303d ago

I'm loving the disagrees for straight up facts. This is a tech demo. Tech Demos always look better than games. Silly console gamers think that their next gen systems will achieve this.

I own all systems and to think that consoles will hit that next gen is just wrong. More than likely every game will have bf3 ultra quality at 1080p 4xmsaa as a standard benchmark.

lonesoul652303d ago

Well, being a console is a dedicated gaming machine you will get much higher fidelity even with those cards compared to a PC. Though the biggest gain is going to be in AI routines and amount of back end things that they can be added. Sure the consoles will probably not look better than Max Payne 3 looks on PC but that's not really a bad thing. It's all about adding another layer of depth, physics, AI, interaction.

ChrisW2303d ago

Such graphics WILL eventually be possible on next-gen consoles, but as I said, "The HD7670 is approximately 80% of the GTX670's power."

AMD Radeon HD 7670:
800 MHz Engine Clock
4.0 Gbps Memory Clock
Memory Bandwidth 64 GB/s
Memory Interface 128-bit GDDR5
OpenGL 4.1 support

GeForce GTX670:
980 MHz Processor Clock
6.0 Gbps Memory Clock
Memory Bandwidth 192.2 GB/s
Memory Interface 256-bit GDDR5
OpenGL 4.2 support

2pacalypsenow2302d ago

Because less than 1% of the gaming population has a video card that can use this to the fullest GTX690 (im not one of them)

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Bolts2303d ago

By the time the nextgen releases they'll have a new demo to measure up to.

TedCruzsTaint2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )


Don't be a dick. I used "said to be used" and "expect" for a reason.

There are articles, supposedly based ondev kits, apparently, saying that the class of gpu expected to be used is nothing too special.

That is what I base my opinions on until I am shown otherwise. Besides, consoles, especially now, are going to be machines where the manufacturers are going to try and keep costs down in order to be competitive.

Everything said and done, it would make sense if they didn't splurge on the gpu.

Anyway, please link me to articles saying that the gpu will be something of godly performance, because I have only seen articles to the contrary.

But yes, there is POSSIBLY a CHANCE that the consoles COULD be pushing some real performance. I just don't see it happening, personally.

Pain_Killer2303d ago

@ChrisW HD 7670 has 80% power of the GTX 670?

Dude, can i get some crack you smoking?

ChrisW2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

I don't really understand the disagrees nor confusion around such a thing. The top tier of the GTX600 series are extremely AND ridiculously expensive graphics cards!

AMD's top tier graphics cards are also rather expensive. Such as the HD6990 and HD7970. They both have much more processing power than the HD7670.

It makes sense that Next-Gen consoles will not have such beefy and expensive graphics card in order to remain within a reasonable price range.

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ooquis2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Sorry not impressed at all. After i saw what Square Enix is doing with there tech demo at E3, this is nothing.

LightofDarkness2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Well, Nvidia aren't a seasoned developer with teams dedicated to creating cinematic CG quality assets. The whole point of this is to show how far they've come with skin rendering. They've done a pretty great job; compare it with the original Dawn demo to see how far graphics have come in the last 10 years.

Pain_Killer2301d ago

@ChrisW You are posting non-sense, its clear you know little to nothing about GPU Architectures.

AMD Radeon HD 7670:
800 MHz Engine Clock
4.0 Gbps Memory Clock
Memory Bandwidth 64 GB/s
Memory Interface 128-bit GDDR5
OpenGL 4.1 support

GeForce GTX670:
980 MHz Processor Clock
6.0 Gbps Memory Clock
Memory Bandwidth 192.2 GB/s
Memory Interface 256-bit GDDR5
OpenGL 4.2 support

If according to you the clock speeds represent the actual performance of a GPU then a GTX 280 would destroy the GTX 670 considering its clock speeds and memory bandwidth but thats certainly how things work.

The 670 is based off a different architecture while the 7670 is a mere rebrand of last gen 6670. That Turks based GPU can't even manage to stand against the GTX 260 and you say it has 80% processing power of a 670 which is almost the identical of this generations most fastest GPU aka GTX 680?

Further more look at the bandwidth of that GPU 64GBs along a 128-bit interface, and you expect next generation 1080P performance from that part, ill laugh to death if you think so.

You think its possible that the PS4 just like the PS3 would blow away the PC at launch? The 7600GT equivalent GPU which PS3 uses was the top end part of its time and it cost alot even the PS3 itself at launch, That's the reason it was a leap ahead the PC back in that era but what happened?

The PC evolved gradually as time passed to a point where you got much more performance for the same price. And today the price has separated the Low range from High Range products.

If you're willing to get something better then high end products are the only option, if you're a casual then stick to low range. The low range would eventually be replaced by integrated chips on AMD's APUs and Intel's IGP while the high end would cease to dominate the market.

If Sony wants a cost effective product, then dont expect 1080P superior visuals from these so called next gen consoles, only bet is Sony makes an expensive launch product such as the PS3 but i bet even that would suck.

Want NextGen? Get the PC. Want Exclusives on PC? Ditch your sissy console developers.