GameInformer- Talking God of War: Ascension’s Direction With Todd Papy

GameInformer- "How does God of War: Ascension’s new combat system work? Why did Sony decide to make a God of War prequel? Will Kratos ever explore another mythology? We pose these questions, and more, to God of War: Ascension game director, Todd Papy."

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Whitefeather2733d ago

Can't wait to play this, every God of War is an experience like no other.

WeskerChildReborned2733d ago

I'm hoping the multiplayer will be the beta next month or i hope it's the all stars beta.

xursz2733d ago

I wish I could agree with you two-fold.

DJ2733d ago

This was the best looking game at E3 besides Beyond: Two Souls and The Last Of Us. Not sure why it's not getting a lot of hype.

Bathyj2733d ago

Same reason some were so blasé about Uncharted 3. It was amazing but we'd been there and done that. It cant have the same Wow factor everytime.

Personally I dont mind more of the same when its such high quality, as long as its spaced out at decent intervals, not yearly updates and its not overmilked.

CandyCaptain2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

To be honest, when I heard they were doing a prequel to the other God of Wars. I was expecting pre-chains/ashes. I was a little disappointed when all I saw was the same old thing just placed before the rest of the series cause they wrote themselves into a hole with how God of War III ended.

This is coming from someone was has played all of the GOW's and gotten platinum's for all of them. Though I still plan on getting it, does look like fun regardless.

WeskerChildReborned2733d ago

Probably cause Last of Us has drawn alot of attention. I'm looking forwars to GOW Ascension though.

srcBFMVBMTH2733d ago

It's a prequel dude, not many prequels get a lot of hype compared to the main installments. Same reason why Gears of War Judgement isn't getting as much hype as Gears 3. If this was God of War IV continuing with Kratos after God of War III. Then it would be a whole different story.

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VsAssassin2733d ago

I'm thinking, with this prequel, they can pull off a branching, alternate reality thing. Maybe somewhere along the story of this game, Kratos will make a decision that can lead to an alternate GOW1; this can be considered a new set of GOW series. Like what if Kratos did things differently?

srcBFMVBMTH2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I actually would prefer a sequel. Kratos still has a load of enemies to kill.

Chaos - Father of literally all things created. It's not known whether he's an actual being though.

Athena (In Astral Form) - Considering she's still somehow alive, she would probably want Kratos dead since he took Hope from her and released it.

Every God killed in Astral form - Zeus came back like Athena in Astral form and was actually a bigger threat than he was in regular God form. Who's to say the others can't come back?

Atlas - One of the strongest of the Titans if not THEE strongest. He's still holding Earth on his shoulders and is probably pissed at Kratos.

Typhon - Father of ALL MONTERS, and last son of Gaia. Considering Kratos killed Gaia he would also be pissed. He was actually strong enough to defeat Zeus in actual Greak Mythology.

Other God's and Titan still alive like
Morpheus - God of dreams
Thera - Titan trapped in volcano
Demeter - God of nature
Artemis - God of ?
Apollo - God of light

fei-hung2733d ago

Im not too hyped as storywise there is nothing to look forward to for me as I know how it all ends. This is why I dont get hyped for most prequels.

I had high hopes for a GoW Norse trilogy. A new time, space, myth, location and story arc and what we have been given is more of the same. However, if GoW:A ends with hints towards a GoW4, thrn there is reason for me to get excited again.

As for Uncharted 3, I was still excited as the story progressed and Uncharted games are usually a decent length, but with Ascension it seems it will be the shortest to date probably. Here is hoping Tod hasnt screwed this one up and here is to hoping Stig is working on a PS4 launch GoW4.

ame222733d ago

Although a prequel, this game deserves more attention from everyone.