Has Microsoft Abandoned the Core Gamer?

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"They eat. They sleep. They play video games. They are the hardcore gamers, and their passion for gaming made the XBox what it is today. For years, Microsoft has supplied their drug of choice in a stylized, no-nonsense way, but as of late there has been a rumble growing in the digital recesses where hardcore gamers go to talk and play. They are wondering why their industry is starting to ignore them"

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Abash2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

I feel like Xbox is becoming a "fad" that will be over next gen. Now Nintendo is actively pursuing third party support while Sony always had, so that cuts into Xbox's market.

I dont think Xbox will stick around unless MS start investing more in creating new IPs and making a competent exclusive library of games

green2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

So according to you, out of the big three, the company with the most profitable gaming division is the one least likely to stick around.


darthv722304d ago

in my opinion, the 3rd party games are the more important ones than the exclusives. Its true that many gauge a platforms appeal by the type of exclusive games. Those are just a small amount of the overall picture in the success of a platform.

MS can invest their money in assisting developers to finish their projects in exchange for first dibs on release. Not total IP control like sony is rumored to do. Meaning, in order for sony to publish a game, the dev basically signs over IP rights to sony from that point forward.

EVILDEAD3602304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

So wait..they still make these? I'm kidding..this won't be the

Just save time and write an article that's titled 'I hate Kinect..the end'

Because at least THAT title would have been more truthful..

Here's the newsflash, Micrsoft has released every major Core exclsive franchise for the 360 prior to and since Kinect has arrived on the shelves.

It is the NON 360 core games that scream and whine the loudest. But it doesn't change anything, the ACTUAL core gamers are still playing their favorite franchises year inm and year out.

Here the simple truth..All 3 consoles have motion controls.

All 3 have casual games as well as core

All 3 promote media options for their console

It's straight silliness to pretend that after selling 18 million Kinects and have 2 back to back great years that MS should NEVER promote or sell Kinect again.

It silly to pretend that everytime announces something new for the 360 that the retort is bu-bu-but that means they they abandoned the core.

No it means like all console makes they are trying to conitinually build upon their past success.


xursz2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Psycho, what the heck is your problem? Sometimes your posts are funny but trolling for the sake of trolling is not. Marked for spam.

As for Microsoft "abandoning" core gamers, I guess some see it that way. My brother is an Xbox fan but he doesn't complain, he just doesn't play his system as often as he used to and also dropped his Live membership. But he's certainly excited for Halo 4 and will no doubt resubscribe once it launches. It's plainly obvious Microsoft isn't supporting the 'core' gamer as much as they once did but my guess is they will try to get back on track once next gen begins.

nukeitall2304d ago


Some companies like to pad their list of exclusives every year, but when it actually comes to release, historically it is on par.

I don't think many Xbox 360 owners complain, it is the non-owners and the biased that do!

It's not like it is 2006-2007 here where there isn't an abundance of games. What core gamers are vying for is a real next generation console, not 7-year old technology.

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Patriots_Pride2304d ago

What ever makes you sleep better at night buddy - MS is making a killing with Xbox Live why would they stop supporting it?

"Microsoft’s Xbox Live service available on the Xbox 360 has quietly grown its own virtual goods business — and it is making more boatloads of money than Zynga. Currently, we conservatively estimate Microsoft to be making at least $625 million in revenues a year from sales of virtual goods on Xbox Live."

"You've just received a new salvo of ammo for your ongoing crusade against those Sony Cronies: Xbox Live has generated a lot more money than PSN, according to The Cut Scene's math. (Of course, dear Xbox Fanboy, let us remind you that this victory comes at the expense of your wallet.) Variety did some quick estimations based on Sony's recent 20 million registrations announcement and Microsoft's reported earnings from Xbox Live. PSN has generated $180 million for Sony, whereas Xbox Live has made Microsoft a tidy sum in excess of $1 billion. "

Patriots_Pride2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Sony might have killed the Dream Cast by making sure that they had all third party deveopers on there side but MS has deeper pockets than Sony so that strategy wont work this gen and no matter how much 1st party exclusives Sony releases America is not buying it because you dont abandon your install base with a $600 console with barley any games at launch and have the balls to tell fans to get 2 jobs to afford a PS3.

As much as some of you might hate the 360 at least MS made sure that those who could not afford $600 could enjoy next gen.

DigitalRaptor2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Another myth that PS3 had no games, was utter crap and you should really know it. 2006/2007 exclusives include Resistance: Fall of Man, Heavenly Sword, MotorStorm, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Warhawk. All pretty great games especially when you consider how they were early titles. Keep up with THAT excuse cause it never gets old!

And you know what? Microsoft might've made the 360 cheaper to afford, but that came at the expense of their consumers, millions of whom found their consoles breaking down on one or more occasions, thus making them spend more, and not to mention the online fees that have only become more expensive as time has gone on. Great for MS earnings and profit margins. For consumers, not so much. And all these problems were discovered only later on, by gamers and their parents who had to pick up the repair bill. Not so smart to avoid that $600 blu-ray player after all, eh?

I'd rather think about the future implications of spending $600 on a PS3 and never having to pay to play its games online as well as the games getting better and more numerous as time went on (as well as the PSN, that has pretty much almost matched XBL).

1-2 years wait on a launch console is always worth it. It's nice being spoiled early on, but after drumming up the money myself, I was happy when a price drop came along and as someone who actually has patience, it was amazing when I bought a PS3 and all those great games were available to dive into. It was bliss really since my hype levels were through the roof during the wait for a price drop. I played some of the older ones too cause there are some gems tucked away that people like you pretend weren't there or say weren't good.

Next gen will be the same. Why face the downsides of early adoption when there are other great things you can be doing during the wait such as living your life, working towards a fulfilling career, hanging with friends, reading books, playing your PC, PS3, 360, Wii, Dreamcast, Mega Drive or Gamecube, travelling, learning etc. Life should be busy enough that waiting for something like a price drop is not unbearable. Heck even getting a job to afford such luxuries should be something to aim towards, not against. I digress and conclude:

Millions of people have enjoyed this gen as PS3 owners, as have 360 and Wii owners. It just isn't necessary to be an early adopter to experience an enjoyable generation.

dark-hollow2304d ago

As long as they have strong third party support, they won't fail anytime soon.

Third party are the reason how Sony crushed the competition with the ps1/ ps2.

dcbronco2304d ago


Look at all of those expensive exclusives. And all of those corporate losses. And that lack of a major difference in console sales. And those low sales on those exclusives.

Yeah, Microsoft should definitely stop selling consoles.

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NYC_Gamer2304d ago

MS started out strong with the 360 with tons of core titles but seems like since the console is on the final lap they have shifted focus

MasterCornholio2304d ago

It appears to me that Microsoft wants to dedicate their console to providing non gaming services more than anything.


NoFanboyRequired2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Its called building services. It seems that each company is trying to take over the living room, and Microsoft is just throwing the icing on top of the cake.

If they continue adding TV stations, its going to give people a hell of a lot of variety compared to Sony next Gen.

dcbronco2304d ago


Yeah, cause who wants a console that only does everything. s/

darthv722304d ago

you sell to the core audience first and when all of them have purchased find new ways to sell to those on the outskirts.

Technically speaking, the 'core' are actually the minority in gaming (generally speaking) but they represent the majority to which the initial system sales are geared towards.

It happened with nes/snes, sega, ps1 & 2 and will happen for the 3. All of these platforms started off with a very core centric mindset. It is usually towards their mid point that the platforms peak in regards to the core audience.

Then they take on a more casual shift as price of the platform drops to generate appeal to those who have not gotten one. Appeal in the form of more simpler games. It just happens that this gen we are seeing a shift from even the casual games to more convenience with adding apps and other features to extend the platforms flexibility.

In the end, MS didnt abandon the core as we know. they will be having a new platform somewhere around the corner and it will start off appealing to that demographic like any and all platforms before it. So while the 360 winds down with more casual centric focus, the next platform will start up dedicated to the core audience.

GribbleGrunger2304d ago

It's not exactly the same. It was: 'has MS deserted the Hard Core gamer?', but now that's been confirmed, it's become: 'Has MS deserted the Core gamer?'

AngelicIceDiamond2304d ago

SO basically has MS abandoned gamers in general...(sigh)

I read the article and not one thing that he wrote made this title relevant. Video games are still present on my console no matter the form. As soon as MS blocks that out then yes "Houston, we have a problem."

GribbleGrunger2304d ago

Well, no, they haven't deserted gamers in general, but you'd have to be pretty blinkered not to notice the way they've moved resources to Kinect.

dcbronco2304d ago

Sony fanboys need to come back with some arguments that make sense. They go on and on about exclusives and the 360 outsells the PS3 last year during which Sony releases 6 major exclusives. Then they like to go on and on about MS only concerned about casual games. Ok, MS sells a lot of casual games. Kinect and it's games sell well. Not sure how that's bad. But here's the thing, if you look back over all of 2011 and the top 10 best selling games, 7 or 8 of them are on the 360. And most of that top ten is hardcore games.

What fanboyism does is blind you to common sense. Microsoft , Sony and Nintendo are companies. Microsoft doesn't have a problem with selling a ton of casual games, selling the most consoles and sticking to selling the games that the vast majority has made it clear they want. They told them with their wallets.

Sony, under Kaz, is beginning to listen too. 16GB PS3. More casual games this year. Fewer exclusives. Sony realizes fanboys are a waste of time now. If you want them to listen again. More buying and less posting comments.

GribbleGrunger2304d ago

I agree. Now go and buy your AAA titles and stop posting

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ChunkyLover532304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

I'm actually surprised at this myself, seeing as how Sony's head just came out and was talking about how the PlayStation 3 was going more family focused the rest of 2012. Microsoft has the only hardcore exclusives coming out the rest of the year.

Also, to be fair Microsoft advertises their other applications, but its not like Sony doesn't have a ton of other apps as well.

People just jump on Microsoft because the Kinect was successful and people were afraid of that, or just didn't want to see Microsoft succeed. The bottom line is that Microsoft has done a good job at offering a solid mix of everything a gamer could want, they don't stop third parties from putting hardcore games on their console, they put hardcore titles on their own console, they offer the most comprehensive "hardcore" online service around.

I mean, this question is getting as old as RROD, which was prevalent in 2006.

Change the page people, Microsoft as a first party company isn't even working on a Kinect game aside from Fable The Journey.

You realize Microsoft has about 20 first party studios now right? Just because they didn't run out and buy studios that already existed, doesn't mean they didn't open their own. They have opened 5 new studios in the last year and a half alone, they also bought Twisted Pixel.

They are hiring at Rare and are supposed to be working on two launch titles for the 720, Lionhead is supposed to be working on either Fable 4, or a Fable MMO for the next Xbox.

Don't kid yourself into thinking Microsoft has no studios, this isn't 2006.

Roper3162304d ago

"Change the page people, Microsoft as a first party company isn't even working on a Kinect game aside from Fable The Journey."

that is because that is their whole first party basically, there is noone left to work on anything else Kinect related or otherwise.

Tzuno2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

I think they try to sell the console not only to gamers but for others audiences too, flooding it with many services that sometime get more focus than the games. Right or wrong remain to be seen. I believe that a gaming console is nothing without it's games.

hazelamy2304d ago

do bears shit in the woods?

_Aarix_2304d ago

They do but that question is irrelevant as microsoft has not abandoned the core audience like many people want to believe

hazelamy2303d ago

that's a matter of opinion.
i personally believe they care more about kinect and their media partners than they do about the kind of games i like to play.
and i'd consider myself a pretty casual player.

and the current dashboard design is not built for a gamer who doesn't have kinect.

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