The Steam Summer Sale Is Over, What Did You Get?

GR writes: "After almost two weeks of game sale adrenaline the Steam Summer Sale has come to a close. Award winning games like Portal 2, Batman: Arkham City, and Dead Space 2 were offered for anywhere between 60% to 75% off, and now just about everyone is backlogged till kingdom come. First world problems, right?"

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doctorstrange2737d ago

A warning from my bank manager

luiti12736d ago

Got one as well -200$ :/ but totally worth it :P

Bladesfist2736d ago

A very light wallet, and to many games to admit.

TopDudeMan2736d ago

Got saints row: the third and portal 2.

Cirran2736d ago

New vegas Ultimate edition
Fable: Lost Chapters
Borderlands GOTY
Arma II: Combined operations (for DayZ)
Arkham City
Witcher 2
Annnnddddd....Age of empires 3

kma2k2736d ago

damn how much did all that cost you?

Cirran2736d ago

Ugh $125/£80 or so? Not so bad considering each game came with all DLC/Addons.

ginsunuva2736d ago

What sucks is that I already own most of the good games steam puts on sale.

LeoDDestroyer2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Got the witcher 2 when it drop to 22.00 then two days later it drop down to 15.00. I could have gotten another game with that 7 extra dollars.

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The story is too old to be commented.