China Adopts New Regulations to Keep Out Foreign MMOs

The government agencies responsible for regulating online gaming in China have passed new regulations that could allow Chinese gaming companies to functionally block the distribution of foreign MMOs within the country.

The new regulations give China's General Administration of Press and Publication (the group responsible for the rating and censorship of games, television, books, etc.) the ability to indefinitely postpone their evaluation (and thus, the public release) of a game if that game's creators or publisher is currently being "sued or targeted for arbitration" by a Chinese game company. Until the suit or complaint is resolved, the GAPP has the option to eternally delay any title's release.

Words: Wired Game|Life

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Suki034375d ago

haha, yeah, because kids were getting too addicted to world of warcraft. People skipped school to go to the internet cafe to play wow.

cjp4eva4375d ago

Does this mean that they could kick WOW out of china? LOL!!!!

Froogles4375d ago (Edited 4375d ago )

Bah. Silly Fascist state,doesn't like foreigners,despite half their country being third-world. Not so long ago a Chinese man got arrested for promoting Democracy on the internet. And this is exactly why we shouldn't let people like these get in power,we're gonna end up with a Nazi state at this rate....

Iamback4375d ago

By "We" who do you mean? Chinese or American(westerners)? If it is second one, then no thanks we have problems of our own, instead get some spine and get rid of them if you don't like it.

season0074374d ago

Well agreed with lamback
It's pretty pointless to attack other countries' policy, despite the fact that they arem't a democratic country, i personally don't see the education level of the country is okay for them to run democracy either...

and btw, every single business/econ professor i've talked to have mentioin Chinese are brilliant in many ways so they are having the big boom in economy, maybe we will see things change in the future