80GB PS3 Disappears from Online Stores, including electronics retailer Fry's

As of this evening on Best Buy's site, the only PS3 SKU available is 8588584, the 40GB unit, which lacks PS2 compatibility.

Popular electronics retailer Fry's has also apparently discontinued sales of the 80GB model.

Wal-Mart, Target and Circuit City still have the 80GB model in stock.

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Spike474379d ago

as fas as I'm concerned in gaming history Sony has delivered more than MS could of ever dreamed of delivering.

They make consoles that are reliable, sure u have to wait to get some good games but in the end it's worth it.

It does'nt matter how amny times they discontinue an Sku, they'l just bring inanother.

Sony is just gearing up to deliver one heck of an mgs4 release with a new sku.

WilliamRLBaker4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

Consoles that are reliable....

Ps1 ERA: wanna make your ps1 read discs with a single scratch on them? turn them on their side or upside down a problem that PLAUGED the ps1 throughout its life.

Ps2: uh oh we've created the term DRE (DISC READ ERROR) yep thats right this message appeared before the original xbox was EVER released.

and they are just gearing up to release an new SKU?
lol the 5th (sony at what was it E3 2005?): we feel that multiple SKU's are confusing for the consumer and cannot understand why microsoft is going that

Oh and they've delivered? hmmmm odd last I checked they promised the world with ps1 and didn't deliver all they delivered was a game machine, They promised an super computer with the ps2, and comprehensive online functions (aol deal) and never delivered they deliverd a game machine....but wait a minute....Gamecube and xbox we're the more powerful game machines hmmmm Oh I know they won both generations based on games released not on the power of the system and not based upon extensive extra Broken promises of extreme none gaming functionality they PROMISED with both systems.

Baba19064379d ago

wow william you really have probelms. why do care so much anyway?

WilliamRLBaker4379d ago

the question is why do you? if you dont like what i have to say the ignore option is there. and Im sure UNLIKE you i own every single system released in the past 20 or so years.

SoulReaper4379d ago

I never have problems with my PS1 and PS2...Xbots that keeps on bringing it up is just asking to be laughed at..Even my friends and family members still have their system and its working flawless..

The Xbox360 is the worst and faulty console of ALL TIME..I'll list the problems

1.Over Heating Problems
2.Disk Reading Errors
3.Simple updated will kill your 360
4.It will scratch your disk
5.Online Problems
6.Every games that is made on the 360 is defective
7. Hardrive Problems

The list of problem is endless why do you think people dislike microsoft..

thedude176554379d ago

Just to let you know you that it wasn't a scratch on the disc that made people turn there playstation 1 on its side or upside down. It was the track that the optic lens was on, it would wear down on one side due to the back and forth movement of the laser reading the information on the disc. By rotating the playstation you changed the which side the laser moved on the track due to gravity but that only occured in the earlier models.

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rofldings4379d ago

Big news brewing for Monday. Keep checking that PS blog!

Devr4379d ago


Best case scenario: 40gb 299$, 80gb 400-450$ without Motorstorm.

Worst case scenario: No price drop, 80gb gets discontinued.

Either way, a megaton may be coming.

vloeistof4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

hope they bundle mgs4

edit: oke thanks that would be a good move frome sony.
hope they get there logo on the tv ads for gta iv like they did with ac

resistance1004379d ago

Well sony europe did confirm a MGS4 + DS3 40GB bundle last year, i suspect this will be a worldwide bundle

kalistyles4379d ago

Look forward to a complete package withe the next sku. With Home around the corner I'm sure Sony is thinking about mass virtual communication. A bundle that supplies a game, headset, 1 or 2 controllers and a bigger HDD. Watch. You heard it hear first from Kalistyles. Shoot, if I didnt have one already, that would be my purchase.

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