Hitman Sniper Challenge: Attain Silent Assassin Rating

Prima Games shows you how to get the most out of your Gamestop exclusive pre-order by attaining the elusive Silent Assassin rating in the Hitman Sniper Challenge.

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rufusman912740d ago

I still hate pre-orders.

Bathyj2740d ago

C'mon, this was great.

At least we get a taste of the game, months before its released, like demos used to be.

Now days, demos dont come out til the game is out which is pretty much useless to me, because I usually know if I want it or not and have it already.

That, or it just gets an MP beta, which I have no interest in.

Bring back the single player demo before a game is out I say. I think I probably put more hours into the MGS2 and DMC demo than I did the actual games.