Sony has no plans for PlayStation Vita price drop, focus is on 'creating bundles'

GameZone writes, "Despite the rumors, Sony insists no strict price drop is planned for the Vita. Instead, the company is focusing on creating types of bundles "to give more value"."

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Morrigan-Aensland2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

There shouldn't be a price drop for vita because the asking price is more than fair. It just needs more software to entice more buyers even though it has a lot at the moment. Bundling the system is a great idea and I can't wait for c.o.d, GTA, A.C3, lbp, kz, and other big name titles

If Sony can demo c.o.d , GTA 5, gran turismo and killzone that looks like ps3 version at gamescon 2012 then that would convince a lot of people to buy it.

Patriots_Pride2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

"If Sony can demo GTA 5" WOOOOO...hold your horses hot asian chick.

The PS VITA is a powerful machine but to believe that it can ever demo GTA5 or 4 for that matter is being a blatant troll.

GribbleGrunger2739d ago

when did optimism become trolling? I agree with you but why did you find it necessary to make it personal?

R_aVe_N2739d ago

That is not trolling it is called being positive XD. Yes GTA4 could be played on a vita if it was ported over with next to no graphical difference.

GribbleGrunger2739d ago

Well Ps4 games could be playable on the Vita through Gaikai, so as optimistic as it is, it can't be completely ruled out. I just don't understand why some people seem intent on attacking people on here instead of addressing the argument

blitz06232739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Bundling is a good idea. But, they can't bundle the PSV with every game.

Consider dropping the price to $200 which then allows the $50 reduction to be used on ANY game the consumer wanted in the first place.

The point here is, even Nintendo, the king of handhelds, failed to make an impression with a $250 3DS. Once they dropped it to $180, sales jumped considerably.

Even if $250 is a GREAT price for a system like the Vita, the average consumer sees it as more expensive than basically any console out there, including the new PS3 Sony is about to unveil.

Additionally, even if I personally think the Vita games since launch have been terrific, they haven't caught the attention of the people, basically not giving them enough reason to get a Vita.

dcbronco2739d ago

That's the thing Blitz. Apparently most consumers don't consider it a great value right now. Consumers are weird. They will pay far more than an Apple product is worth or any Smartphone, but then sometimes they won't pay for something that is more than worth it. The Vita is overpriced. It only cost $169 to make so $250 is too much.

But bundling may be a good answer. They should start with those overpriced storage cards. Bundle a 32GB card with all of them. Especially since it's needed for some games. Microsoft has gotten away with keeping the 360 price so high because of bundles. That and Sony's inability to drop the price of the PS3.

A bundled 360 with a couple of games seems like a good deal in comparison, but it's really not. The 360 is under $200 to make. Probably closer to $150. Two added games they already own aren't adding much unless you were going to buy two games. I'd rather see a price of $200 on the Premium and I can choose my own games.

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SandWitch2739d ago

Agree, the price is very good for what you actually get. Most people predicted 300-400 price and were slightly shocked when 250 price tag was announced.

Now it became too expensive somehow, even though its launch price was identical for 3DS's launch price. But in Vita's case you got a lot more advanced tech and better launch line-up.

InklingGirl2739d ago

It's expensive when the game library is lackluster. Lets go spend $250, plus a memory card, a game then tax and have no new major releases in months.

Good investment!

SilentNegotiator2739d ago

Fine, but "fair" or not, that doesn't mean that the Vita will be a success at $250.

LAZL0-Panaflex2739d ago

Vita is whack, yet you stick up for it and sony's unwillingness to lower it to a fair price is remarkable. You are a whimsical chap.

Thatguy-3102739d ago

I need games and A LOT of new apps. !!! Playstation suite is taking to long !!! I mean the price is right for what it offers so no need to cut it. Just introduce new things like apps and games and ill be happy.

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smashcrashbash2739d ago

Actually bundling things together is not a bad idea. People might consider it more if it is bundled with the things they want.

Unexpecta2739d ago

Bundling the Playstation Vita is the best option and a great idea. The system itself doesn't deserve a price drop but the idea of getting other essential items in a bundle like a memory card and game is a good thing. Ditching the idea of a price drop and having a bundle for the PSV is keeping the console's respect and premium quality.

ronin4life2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

And will create multiple confusing skus as well.
Not to mention it is really no different than an actual price drop. Not that there is necessary anything wrong with that...

And despite the possible negative effects, this still is a good marketing strategy and may be their best option, so... ok. ^_^

Psycho_PS3Truthh2739d ago

I a completely agree with your speech, there is no need to drop the Price of the king of handhelds. its simple if a person want the VITA they should spend there money for it since its not a 3DS, its a technological advance system that deserved to be bought at its current price.

If they want the king of handhelds they should spend there money or settle for toy like 3DS system

Patriots_Pride2739d ago

Cool story bro! Where do I sign up to be part of your cult?

Psycho_PS3Truthh2739d ago

Loving the Playstation console that delivers the finest games is not a cult, its a way of life.

Dread2739d ago

you already are dude. N4G is a sony cult.

Siren302739d ago

That 3ds toy actually has games. Your king of the handhelds doesn't have shit

tachy0n2739d ago

it doesnt have sh*t except for the PSP library, PSOne library and its own games which are hundreds.. /s

nintendojunkie282738d ago

"the king of handhelds"

Please,tell me your not serious.

R_aVe_N2739d ago

The price doesn't need to be dropped it is a solid piece of hardware and well worth the price although it is lacking games right now as all new systems deal with for the first few months. I think the major problem right now is there are Vita games being made and we have no clue what they are or when they might release that is very off putting to buyers. Another issue is over priced memory cards omg those things are pricey. I have a 16 gig for mine which is perfectly fine hold a few games, and can easly be deleted to add newer ones.

Cosmit2739d ago

Its reasonable price. It just needs more variety in terms of games.

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