Nintendo's 3DS XL comes with less glare, better 3D performance

The 3DS screen came with 12 percent reflectivity, but that's reduced down to 3 percent in the 3DS XL, according to Nintendo.

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Morrigan-Aensland2736d ago

I will never buy a Nintendo product on launch again. Ill wait for a price drop and a better redesigned model.

Patriots_Pride2736d ago

"I will never buy a Nintendo product on launch again" Wooo hold on little hot Asian chick.

To say that you will never buy another Nintendo product at launch is absurd and just plain trolling.

GribbleGrunger2736d ago

Ok, so this is creepy. Stalking is considered worse than trolling in my book.

Lucretia2736d ago

but if you ever learned anything then you would know since the GBA nintendo always releases 5 versions of their consoles. but with the 3ds the price drop was the fastest as well as the redesign. i mean its a year old and already has a redesign? lol

and the dual analog version is still on the way soooo yeah lol. plus region lock? wtf

yabhero2736d ago

1) Based on how much you troll Nintendo I doubt you've owned a Nintendo console in a while.
2) I bought a 3DS after the price drop and trade in my DS so I got it for 120.
Hooray for thriftyness!

fatstarr2736d ago

Im quite happy with my 3ds.
love the design

this just looks like a fisher price toy.

darthv722736d ago

there really isnt much to compare the 3ds to when it came out. it is easy to like the current model however i feel this larger screen will do more to the 3d than the smaller model.

It looks to be easier on the eyes. I can say that at first i would turn the 3d way down or even off but now I set mine a hair above midway and cant play it any other way. I have come to rely on the 3d effect even for their nintendo videos and could actually see myself getting the bigger screen and enjoying that more.

I will give the smaller one to my son. It is one of those, once you try it you cant go back type of situations. Like with smartphones. People who get the smart phone tend to enjoy it until they try the tablet version and find they just cant go back to using the smart phone the same way. surfing the web on my galaxy s2 is convenient but surfing the web on a galaxy tab is much more enjoyable because of screen size.

The advantage of the bigger screen is the selling point. That is what will happen for the new 3ds. If nintendo plays their cards right, they could even incorporate the larger 3ds as a wii-u controller alternative.

Treian2736d ago

no increased resolution...:P

Jadedz2736d ago

I've read about how the early 3DS models produce hand cramps, the cross pad is uncomfortable in long sessions of play, screen is too small, and the battery life sucks (unless you buy a 3rd party battery).

The 3DS XL is superior in every way (except price).

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