GTA 5 taking constraints into account

Peter Chubb:

Having already been told that Grand Theft Auto V will be the biggest title from the franchise to date (even bigger than Red Dead Redemption as well) this kind of got us wondering about what kind of constraints will have to be taken into account with the PS3 and the Xbox 360 – well if it is a current-gen console that is? We only say this because there have been rumors to suggest that after those recent screenshots GTA 5 could be a next-gen title – but we along with most fans think this is not the case.

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rufusman912735d ago

I hope GTA 5 isnt like GTA 4 and PC gamers have to wait longer for it.

Sucitta2735d ago

they really could be playing hush hush on titles like GTA and Battlefield 4.

imagine launching next gen with 2 monsters like that!¡

leave the COD franchise behind on the 360 and it could run strong for another 3 years on preteen adhd CODs alone = ) wouldn't that be a gift to mature gamers worldwide..

TheRealHeisenberg2735d ago

"leave the COD franchise behind on the 360 and it could run strong for another 3 years on preteen adhd CODs alone = ) wouldn't that be a gift to mature gamers worldwide.." appears that over 12 Million copies were sold to the "mature" gamers on PS3. Looks like they want it left behind on PS3 as well.

WeskerChildReborned2735d ago

Battlefield 4 isn't really hush hush. If it was then it wouldn't have been announced one year from the release of Battlefield 3.

unchartedxplorer2735d ago

If GTA V was released for the next generation it would mean the end for TakeTwo and R*.

Trenta272735d ago

I just don't see how they can fit this game on one cd for the Xbox 360. To me, I think it will be a next gen game. I mean, they might as well, right? Release it for the new consoles before anyone else gets a chance. GTA as a launch title would sell so much.

Crazyglues2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

@ Trenta27

I think you forgot one important thing, consoles don't tend to sell a lot of units on launch..

Most people won't buy there new console until many months later, when PS3 launched the system sold about 600,000 units in its first two days.. not millions..

3 months later and the system had still not sold a million units.

Now why would a game like GTA which sells between 9 to 14 million copies on launch come out on a new system that won't have even a quarter of that number of systems sold.. (it would be a bad Business move)

That's why even Battlefield 4 is coming out on current gen systems.

-next gen just won't have anything near the kind of install base of the current gen in the beginning..


Trenta272735d ago

Times have changed, though. Besides, the price of the PS3 when it launched was insane. Only hardcore fanboys and people with a lot of money bought them then. Sony and Microsoft know they can't do that again. Microsoft is doing their test run of the $99 Xbox and it's doing just fine.

ame222735d ago

Vice City over L.A. Anyone else with me? They'll get there in due time. Vice City juiced up with next-gen graphics, yes please!

iNFAMOUZ12735d ago

ah whatever delaysfest it'll never come out

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