Mass Effect 3 DLC and more extras detailed for Mass Effect MIMOBOT Flash Drives

Several details have been revealed regarding the Mass Effect 3 DLC and more digital extras that will be included with the upcoming Mass Effect Liara and Commander Shepard 16 GB MIMOBOT Flash Drives.

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ame222277d ago

Give me more single player DLC, I couldn't care less about all this stuff.

007Bond2277d ago

They have waited to long to release single player DLC this game has been dead for a while now.

kneon2277d ago

The multiplayer is very active.

miamicanesruleall2276d ago

Yeah, I'm disappointed that there has been no single player dlc for ME3. I haven't touched the multiplayer and don't plan to. You're fucking up Bioware. Give us what we want, and give it to us now.

kesvalk2276d ago

i really want that Liara USB...