Going Beyond in Star Ocean: The First Departure

Looking back at the SNES' domestic library, it's a shame to think the first Star Ocean never saw a North American release. What could be argued to be the other game to innovate battle systems in RPGs (Tales of Phantasia being the first), Star Ocean was a game ahead of its time. Never would anyone have seen a game like Star Ocean in the early years of JRPGs; and while the game's overall presentation was average at best, its combat system is what most people remember. With this new remake to grace a new age of gamers as well as fans from the past comes something more than just a remake.

The remake of this SNES classic, conveniently titled Star Ocean: The First Departure, not only takes the core concepts of the original but also brings about a new cosmetic make over with very good anime cutscenes and character portraits done by anime studio powerhouse Production I.G. and a battle system that was adopted and tweaked from Star Ocean: The Second Story. Rolando from Siliconera was fortunate enough to spend an entire week with the game and did so to really get some time with the game. To his surprise, he liked it as much as the SNES version. Perhaps even more.

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WilliamRLBaker4383d ago

BRING IT HERE YOU DAMN ASSES! we want the game! bring it here!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

INehalemEXI4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

There are way to many games that don't make it to US shores :( Or make it to US late.

WilliamRLBaker4382d ago

its because of the japanese attitude towards americans and they're own nationalistic culture they cater to they're own and not others.

Its not a matter to do with money or time (The first game for Super famicom received an 80% translation to english before the project was canceled and the 2nd game which appeared on ps1 had a full translation) and then theres the fan translation by dejap which surfice to amazing and they could use that and money? this would make profit over here damit! and they know it!