Ouya Games Console to be Size of a Rubik's Cube

The Ouya games console, which made headlines for earning more than $5m in investment in less than a month through KickStarter, could be as small as a Rubik's cube when it goes on sale.

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2736d ago
yewles12736d ago

Which is explained by the mobile hardware...

joeorc2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

i love that picture..LMAO takes 3 people to operate that rubiks bob rotate

here is the size for the OUYA

just big enough in size so you could put in the case a 2.5 " SATA laptop Hard Drive if you wanted.

R_aVe_N2736d ago

I am really confused by this. If you already have phone/tablet that can play these games why spend $99 more for something that does the same thing?

TheRealTedCruz2736d ago

Convenience, mostly.

The convenience of having the same thing hooked up to a larger screen at all times, really.

Patriots_Pride2736d ago

what slap said. Imagine going home and booting up the 50 in LED and turning on the power of Ouya, kicking back in your comfy sofa with a beer by your side and your controller ready to play some Fire Boy and Water Girl or Gravity Rush.

This is going to give Nintendo a run for there money. If I had a kid that was 10 years and under and the wanted a gaming device for their bday I would pick this over the WiiU, 360, PS3 because of price difference and cheaper games.

OC_MurphysLaw2736d ago

Sorry but I think there will be a handful of people that "desire" to play Fire Boy and Water Girl on their big TV with a beer in hand. And unless I missed something Ouya won't be playing Gravity Rush as its Vita exclussive.

joeorc2736d ago

"If you already have phone/tablet that can play these games why spend $99 more for something that does the same thing?"

well yes and No..there is some major overlap, but what your saying is pretty much with anything like why get a tablet when you have a laptop, or why get a laptop when i can just hook up a Keyboard Case to my tablet!

there is point's of about each product that would make a key difference.

example: with the Tegra 3 for instance there is ver's of the Tegra 3 that are running not only with a Higher Core freq. but also the onchip GPU inside the chipset will run much higher.

also there is the fact that unlike Mobile devices the OUYA Core hardware will be the same chipset though out it's production run and with mobile smartphones and Tablets there is quite the many difference's in the core clock freq/ram and GPU's of many Mobile smartphones just like the PC. that's where a static design of a game console comes in.

yes you can add in more storage and the core system is hackable in the case of the OUYA, but the core hardware on every unit is the exact same. in many times with smartphones a new smartphone get's released every month. by many company's sometimes many model's all with slight difference in its hardware capability. thus its not static.

and evey OUYA will have a game pad, but also that game pad will have a touch screen just like every other smartphone. but the screen is on the game pad so it offer's that type of I/O functionality like a WiiU or a PSVita.

Summons752736d ago

Well when I see it in the walmart clearance bin for 20 bucks I will believe it. Until then I take this as a typical kickstarter scam and a piece of crap

Patriots_Pride2736d ago

Bad Troll, Badddddd.

Go back to paying for your DLC and $60 games muhahahahahahaha.

Summons752736d ago

speaking of trolls, why don't you go back to your cellphone games that have no depth, story, or good gameplay

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