MW3 World Record – MW3 Longest Gunstreak – 104 Gunstreak

A gunstreak in Modern Warfare 3 is kill streaks that are done with your weapon only no assault rewards. This video is of a 104 gunstreak the biggest ever and a world record.

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Gridloc2305d ago

Wow. Put that on your resume.

b4mw32305d ago

I know right.
just when you think you are good you see people like this

Super good. can not beat everyone but guess you can take some info from those that are better to become better.

LuCifer8452305d ago

lol why is it people always have "world record" kills in a game mode where score isn't measured in kills? Can't stand assholes that play domination and dont capture points. Play team deathmatch or better yet FFA

LuCifer8452305d ago

For all you assholes out there that love only getting kills playin domination, i have a strict class for you. Guaranteed to get a higher score than you with half you kills. Nothings better than hearing "hey wtf how is his score so high when i got the most kills"