NetFlix: Blu-ray Has the Advantage

TV predictions writes:

"NetFlix CEO Reed Hastings says it appears that Blu-ray has the advantage in the high-def disc format war against HD DVD.

In an investors call yesterday following release of NetFlix's fourth quarter report, Hastings added that consumer adoption of Blu-ray will "accelerate" if the format can maintain that advantage.

"The milestones to watch for are Blu-ray player prices falling below $200, and Universal and Paramount also announcing their support for Blu-ray," he said. "If these two milestones are reached, the consumer adoption of Blu-ray will take off. This would be a positive for the studios and a positive for Netflix, as it would fuel another decade of robust disc based entertainment. " "

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tatical4374d ago

I think that Sony being both an electronics company and movie company has helped move this format war along at a quicker pace.

mikeslemonade4374d ago

If you can only rent blu-rays from Netflix that is going to be the next huge blow. This is the #1 stop for people who rent movies.

Siesser4374d ago

You can rent both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD from netflix, thankfully at no additional cost.

dame_downs4374d ago

geuss what mikeslemonade you can rent blu-ray movies on netflix!!!

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VigorousApathy4374d ago

Congratulations Netflix. What was your first clue? Was it when you found out Blu-ray was in development for 8 years longer than the hastily scrapped together HD-DVD. Was it when Sony committed to Blu-ray by installing it in all their Playstations while Microsoft twiddled its thumbs? Maybe it was when the Hollywood studios abandoned HD-DVD? Possibly you read the sales figures that showed its been winning the entire time?

Kudos to you for waiting until stores stopped stocking HD-DVD players to decide that Blu-ray "will accelerate if the format can maintain...advantage." You're really way ahead of the pack, do you have a crystal ball or some kind of psychic in accounts payable or something? And you say Blu-ray only has to pass milestones now? That's fantastic! I hope they do that.

cuco334374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

I have both an HD-A2 and a PS3 along with tons of HD DVDs and Blu-rays so basically I support both HD DVD and Blu-ray...

Sadly HD DVD is complete, final and ready NOW unlike Blu-ray which STILL needs time to finish the spec and has the biggest potential right now for consumer backlash if what the BD reps at CES hinted at happens... Blu-ray may have been in development longer but it was so as a PC storage medium, not HDM.
Remember kiddies who follow anything Sony does like blind lemmings, it wasn't the PS3 effect that won this war, nor more studio support nor more industry support. It wasn't more disk space nor a higher bandwidth cap. It also wasn't winning every week in sales ratio according to VideoScan (Nielsen's) nor the antiscratch coating... I could be here all day... It was a last minute effort of $620 million by Sony to keep Fox in place and get Warner to come over to the Blu side that won this HDM war. I find it very wrong that Blu-ray STILL is trying to catch up to HD DVD in terms of functionality and ironic that the BDA still relies heavily on the PS3, a game console, for a movie format's top player. When is Blu-ray going to be looked at as anything but a PS3 format? I'm a movie nut just as much as a gamer and I have to tell you kiddies that for the sake of HDM I really hope that the BDA fixes the issues sooner than later, both realistic and potential.

Toshiba and the rest of the HD DVD camp weren't against Blu-ray and their group... They were up against the PS3, a big hurdle to overcome and frankly they were doing a great job at it until Sony stepped into their bank roll.

GOTPWNED4374d ago

This is a remarkable day
To praise the disc which is Blu-Ray
Sony will shed the light to see
No one cares about HD-DVD
The only thing that matters to me
Is to see the downfall of 360

beaner714814374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

your an idiot.
first off the rhyme thing makes you seem low on the intelligence scale and secondly the competition from the 360 helps drive the PS3 and as always competition is a good thing in the market. The PS3 benefits from the 360 as the 360 benefits from the PS3. Think how slow the advancement in technology would be if there was no competition for companies like Sony. The fact that the 360 is there means that Sony has to strive for something better making your experience better in the long run.

Here is a novel idea however, if you hate the 360 so much, just don't buy one and move on with your life.

Antiomo4374d ago

It now has a bigger advantage since WB joined the blu bandwagon.

pwnsause4374d ago

well we are going to see $200 Blu-ray Disc players soon, wont we.

eagle214374d ago

But $249-$299 is coming by SPRING. lol

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