Rumour: PS3-4000 skips gamescom, 16Gb Flash SKU goes cheap

VG247: A VG247 source has claimed that Sony will not announce PS3-4000 at its gamescom press conference on August 14.

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Emilio_Estevez2330d ago

Hmmm. Doesn't sound too credible, but VG247 is pretty credible to me. Have to wait and see I guess.

Thatguy-3102330d ago

I'm really digging the old school look. Can't wait 500Gb HERE I COME :D

gaffyh2330d ago

If it comes out at £99 I will be super surprised. That's insanely cheap for the UK, I really hope it is at GamesCom though. I'd rather see it before TGS.

Red_Orange_Juice2330d ago

I dont care, Im fine with my slim, also my gaming table doesnt have enough space for a toploader so I dont plan on switching to 4000, rather waiting for dat PS4 :)

gaffyh2330d ago

It's a sliding top loader, so the only space you really need is enough for your hand to go above the console.

darthv722330d ago

where does the hdd go? I cant quite tell in the current pics but obviously more will be revealed soon.

pandaboy2330d ago

£99 lol... that's cheaper than a ps2 on amazon. I'll eat my feces and put the video on youtube if it turns out to be true.

2330d ago
baodeus2330d ago


Don't provoke him, he might do it for real. :D

beerkeg2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )


Haven't you got a ps3 already then?

PoSTedUP2330d ago

lol @ pandaboy.

no way its going to be that cheap, they will drop the price $50-$100 first if anything, that's all it really needs to take off again probably.

SolidStoner2330d ago

agree, I think it will cost around $ 150,

if this new super slim ps3 will cost $ 99,it will be a bomb on a market, imagine playing so much good games, for people who still dont have ps3 it will be best value for many in the stores!

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Army_of_Darkness2330d ago

As soon as I find out that the 16GB PS3 can for sure be upgraded to a bigger HDD, I will definitely buy one when it releases!!

dumahim2330d ago

Same here. Already fixed my launch day system once and I think it might be ready to go out again. If I can buy the 16GB model and put in my own HD, I'm going to jump on it.

GuyManDude2330d ago

Yeah I'm leaning that way too. My fat is starting to get pretty loud (80GB Motorstorm bundle PS3) and it's almost 5 years old. If there is a 16GB SKU and it's $150 (probably $200 at the most), I could turn that into a 1TB PS3 for $250/$300.

Yes please.

beerkeg2330d ago

Yeah, I'm going to sell the ps3 I have already, so I can buy another one!

GuruStarr782330d ago

Yes, that would definitely work.. I've got an old 120gb hdd collecting dust, since I replaced it with a 500gb...

If I could get the 16gb one and put the 120gb in it, I'd definitely go for it, that way I could have a ps3 at work in addition to at home (work at a fire dept.).

eldeladi2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

It's flash memory, it's not 16gb hdd. the hdd slot will be empty and upgradable for sure.

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Larry L2330d ago

I understand the video game media mentioning unsubstantiated rumors that they catch wind of. That's always been the case in gaming media, and it's always been fun to see which one's pan out and which don't. BUT...........You know.......the last couple weeks, I'm getting really sick and tired of almost all the gaming media just putting out a continuous streak of these strange opinion pieces about rumors that are based on other rumors.

It's just really weird, all these expanding and branching rumors based on other rumors none of which have even the slightest official statements to base themselves upon.

This particular one for instance, is just based on a single bad google translation of some other site's rumor. With not a single word from Sony on the matter, not a single gaming "journalist" (what a joke) has the brains to think the google translate messed up, and it's 160Gb and 250, not 16 and 250 when PS3 already comes with 160 and 250Gb HDDs?!?!?! 160Gb HDDs probably don't even cost Sony 1 single dollar USD, they don't need to make a PS3 with no HDD and only flash for cost saving in any way, and it's silly to think so.

I don't know which is worse, these "16Gb PS3" idiots, or the "Vs13 is cancelled even though Nomura last month and a neogaffer that's proven he has good sources inside Square say development is coming along fine" idiots.

I'm telling you........the internet is making humans more stupid by the day.

GribbleGrunger2330d ago

The internet is run by humans. What you should say is that Humans are making the internet more stupid every day... just saying

ZoyosJD2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

I'm sick of the rumors too, but I can understand if it was "sixteen" or if you were saying it could have been a typo, but a computer translating "160" into "16" isn't going to happen, othewise I'd be dirt poor.

"160Gb HDDs probably don't even cost Sony 1 single dollar USD"

Ironically, that statement made you sound just as much like the blathering "idiots" your decribing.

Try $40, with 250GB=$60, and 16GB flash=$2.

That is a big difference. With a standard price drop and HDD removal, the entry price could hit $150 ($100 sounds like someone pulling numbers out their *** for flamebait).

Larry L2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

1. Are you suggesting Google Translate isn't dirt poor? And sure, it could have very well also been a typo. Trust me, I in no way think the majority of gaming "journalists" and editors are professionals. But either way, the source for the "16Gb PS3" was a google translated article. And common sense dictates it was supposed to say 160, 250 and 500, not 16 and 250 because PS3 already comes in 160 and 250.

2. You expect me to believe that Sony pays wholesale, AND in bulk for 160 and 250Gb hard drives, what I, as a consumer, could get 160 or 250Gb Hard Drives for retail and one at a time? If I can get a 160Gb hdd for $40 one at a time, Sony, buying them in bulk (probably 10-50,000 at a time), from a manufacturer they probably have close ties with, I highly doubt is paying much more than $1 per HDD.

dcbronco2330d ago

Larry you're reaching with that $1 price. It would cost a manufacturer more in labor, electricity, taxes and benefits than a dollar. No way they're selling them to Sony at a loss. Sony's probably paying closer to $15 on those drives.

cee7732330d ago

even in bulk hdd cant be that cheap $1 hell no and eventually 160gb will be phased out thats the lowest hdd at the moment
20gb hdd
soon 160gb will be phased out if not already

Raiden2330d ago

@ All of the above

Bulk in business it is perfectly understood that if you buy in BULK a discount is always part of the deal, so look at it like this.

If Sony buys 100 hdd and get either 2 for 1 that 50 hdd or buy 100 and get 10 or 20 free. This is called buying loyalty. Anyway good luck with your purchase. i just cant wait for 6th November HALO4 MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Take care gamers and may the game be with you keep on gaming.

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Jamzluminati2330d ago

ROFLMFAO! a 100 dollar PS3. That's fricking sick. 3,000,000 units alone in September. Americans don't care about specs, they just like to get what's the cheapest, then complain after they find out there's something better. Sony, you're digging in that ass and I love it. I don't think it will see life in Japan though.

_-EDMIX-_2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

......did it ever occur to you that Americans do? And that they care so much and are such smart shoppers that they'll just add a 2.5 inch drive from Newegg for about $40 to $50 anyway? Sad...just sad.

extermin8or2330d ago

Need a new ps3 to replace my YLOD 60gb, been using my little brothers for the last yearish however I want to use it more than just when he doesn't want to and with uni etc probably coming up it'd be useful so hopefully this is true :)

Cocozero2330d ago

"A gamescom reveal had been planned, but stock levels of the current build are said to be too high for Sony"

Sounds credible just based on this line, because that goes inline with current sale numbers.

zeddy2330d ago

£99 for a ps3? wow! if you dont have one, theres no excuses now.

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INehalemEXI2330d ago

Can't wait to see what it really do.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2330d ago

I am surprised to see a 16gb ps3.

Patriots_Pride2330d ago

You and me both...I understand what people are saying that this is targeting the people who want to upgrade their PS3 but why not just make a model where it has 4gb internal memory and shave 50 bucks off the PS3.

My theory is that this is marketed for the casual market and will probably be bundled with Move or Wonder Book.

bigcupofSTFU2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

my guess would be this:

there are some parents that do purhase digiyal games/content for their children.

a great example is The kid i babysit. his parents purchased a 360 without a HDD.

then they learned about online and how arcade games are cheaper than retail games (fruit ninja comes to mind).

they then took the cheap route and purchased a 4gb flash drive. unfortunatly the kid lost the flash drive. well you know the rest.

So i say be sure there is at least some HDD space , because that could be some potential sales.

again, many casuals will not know upgrade their HDD

gaffyh2330d ago

Because they want to offer more than the competition, plus 4GB is nowhere near enough because there are some games that have 8GB installs.

Majors2330d ago

Wasnt the 16gb sku aimed at the bluray market as a standalone player ? I know it will also be able to play games as its a ps3, but its for people who want the best player for the money.
So therefor it may just have 16gb flash built in to keep the price low. But only Sony knows
Still a bargain Though

the worst2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

yes about time
$150 for 16g
ill be upgrading from my phat ps3