EA Has No Interest in Debating Fox News

Following the news that Fox apparently invited Electronic Arts onto "Live Desk With Martha MacCallum" to discuss Mass Effect, GameDaily wondered what EA's reaction would be. It seems EA's not interested.

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DuneBuggy4380d ago

Think of it as free advertising EA.
Fox is offering what amounts to a 5 minute ad for the game.

IzKyD13314380d ago

or a 5 minute biased bashing?

antoinetm4380d ago

Obviously Fox would be trying to win the argument no matter what, especially if they hold it in fox's studios.

They should choose a neutral place for that.

EA is not dumb, Fox doesn't deserve all the buzz around that controversy.

xionpunk4380d ago

I agree. I'm a journalism major and they press the fact that retracting a statement is like the worst case scenario. Considering it's Fox News, I'm guessing that they will try to find some way to spin the debate in their keep "credibility".

antoinetm4380d ago

i wonder whats the state of journalism nowadays.
What is the percentage of crap in news story... (because of lack of research, corruption $ ,lack of intelligence, misinformation, etc..)

xionpunk4380d ago

Not to mention the fact that the news media is basically a business for selling viewers/readers to advertisers. Nice to be a product ain't it?

JohnRico4380d ago

There is nothing to debate. A youtube search will let you see that scene online & it is absolutely harmless.

wageslave4380d ago

You're right, its totally been misrepresented. That's the point really, Fox has just basically lied and "smeared" the game as was their intent.

For anyone who watches Fox News -- and knows about ME and videogames -- needs to know that *every* Fox News story is this kind of warped, sensational fabrication.

Fox news is a propaganda network for the interests of the Plutocracy - dont forget it. If you see it in public, change the channel. If you know someone who watches it, tell them they're foolish.

IzKyD13314380d ago

cooper lawrence has retracted her statement, but knowing fox news, im sure they'll get ANOTHER ignorant and ill informed person to attack the game if EA happens to go on the show

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The story is too old to be commented.