Parable: Wreckateer Review

I’ve never been quite as Kinect-phobic as most people. Microsoft’s new baby never did much to wrong me and I’ve always assumed that a game would come along and really justify its existence. Sadly, no such game has come along and we’re left with half-baked ideas and mini-game compilations leaving Kinect resigned to the living room of many family homes. Booting up Wreckateer I was curious to see if it would change my opinions in any meaningful way. Perhaps this quaint Summer of Arcade title would prove to me that Kinect is a must have accessory?

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EVILDEAD3602276d ago

Lol @ the guy reviewing icomes off like hes never played Angry Birds..most of the what he claims are annoyances are what makes Angry Birds so addicting.

From day one the game is a 3D take on the iOS game. It laughable that after E3 which clearly showed what the game was another the the author supposedly was pretending that he hoped that Wreckateer was going to be the game that made Kinecf worthy in his eyes.

At the end of the day, it just supposed to be a fun iOS-lite experience like Fruit Ninja Kinect is. My new party fave is Happy Action Theater. But it's clear that the best experiences that have one from Kinect are from Both K. Sports and Dance Central. Either way between the titles on XBLA and the main software Kinect is still my go-to device for hosting friends and family. I'll take a game like Wreckateer to add to the fun.

coolbeans2276d ago

If it's essentially the 3D take of a $0.99 iOS game, maybe the reviewer doesn't think that concept should be charged for 800 MS Points ($10) as the starting price.

Dlacy13g2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

If that was the reviewers stance he should have said as much. Instead this felt like he was looking at the game to be a "kinect justification" game...which it isn't. It's just a game using Kinect that you can buy and have some fun with. I watched a 20 min quick look of it on Giantbomb and it all seemed to work well enough. If you have Kinect this is a the trial for free and see if you like it.

Parable2276d ago

Essentially this.

I had incredibly little fun with the title and the idea that Kinect is producing "iOS-lite" experiences is massively disappointing.

Many of the problem I had were simply with Kinect, as noted in the review. Thanks for the feedback.