Resident Evil 6 ‘No Hope Left’ Website Spreads the Infection

Capcom Europe has today announced an evolution of that teaser website that first began the steamrolling of information of Resident Evil 6. The ‘No Hope Left’ campaign has stepped-up a notch today with the launch of a full website for the forthcoming videogame.

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crxss2305d ago

really hoping this game's actually scary. i want it to be so good so bad!

fossilfern2305d ago

From the videos and the articles I highly doubt it is

crxss2305d ago

well I've played both the e3 and sdcc demos and with the headphones on full blast and the lights off it'll be at least a little scary.

user54670072305d ago


You shouldn't have to make an atmosphere where the game will be scary...the game should of been developed that way.

Headphones in full blast with the lights off dosen't make a game scary, it's more like an excuse for Capcom to use.

user54670072305d ago

You are going to be very dissapointed

Biohazard88602305d ago

If u want scary go pick up Silent hill 1 2 3 great scary games! and best of all they are survival horror !

12345bnm2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

There's no hope left for this game.
Somebody HAD to say it, i just got here first.

AgreeFairy2305d ago

In other words, the RE6 site will give you a virus so nobody give it any hits.

Acquiescence2305d ago

Pretty apt really, considering the response the demo has received.

CLOUD19832305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

‘No Hope Left’ for Resident Evil series in general after Mikami left from CRAPCOM & also ‘No Hope Left’ for survival horror games in general as every big franchise turn into a co op action third person shooter.

RIP survival horror genre for now & I w8 for the big revival with Zwei.