“Borderlands has zero competition”, Pitchford surprised there hasn’t been copycats

Randy Pitchford thinks that Borderlands has zero competition, occupying a unique place in the market, saying he’s suprised nobody has tried to copy it yet.

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v0rt3x2738d ago

Well that's not necessarily a bad thing :)
Looking forward to the sequel!

units2738d ago

They practically ripped the setting and artstyle from Rage

v0rt3x2738d ago

Whether intentional or not - I think it's very hard to come up with something truly unique nowadays.

You could say "Wow! I got this great idea! I've never seen anyone do that!" - and then you have a million fans saying: "Such a rip off from that game in 1989".

+ I think there is a clear distinction between "ripping off" and "taking inspiration" from other games.

It's done all the time - that's why game designers play so many games - and its good to play bad games as well - because as a game designer it will give you an idea (a personal view) on what works and what doesn't.

So I wouldn't really agree that they ripped the setting and art style of Rage - its a concept we've seen many times before: End of the World, Apocalypse, Wasteland...

gaffyh2738d ago

If you compare the two though, Borderlands is a much better game. It's got that addictive Fallout-like quality, but Rage is also good, just a lot more targeted than Borderlands.

Wintersun6162738d ago

Very unlikely that they actually copied the setting and artstyle from Rage. Rage was first shown in June of 2007, Borderlands in September 2007 (according to Wikipedia). Only two months between the first reveals of the games indicates it was just a coincidence.

Similarities are a rule nowadays, not an exception and even if two games have multiple similarities, it doesn't mean either one specifically copied the other one.

ame222738d ago

So let me get this straight, a game from 2009 copied a game that was released last year? Ha!

MysticStrummer2737d ago

The setting is nothing new, the artstyle looks very little like Rage, and Borderlands came out first. If this was a site other than N4G, no one would have agreed with you.

Kran2737d ago

No wonder you're only on a single bubble. That has got to be the most silliest thing I've seen anybody say on an article like this.

cleft52737d ago

Dude Borderlands 1 was out long before Rage.

MidnytRain2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

What you all are forgetting is that Borderlands' had a last minute art style change, making Rage the "original."


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neutralgamer192738d ago

I couldn't get into borderlands, maybe i need to try it out again.

Patriots_Pride2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I felt the same way but you need to give it time. I played it for like an hour and said fuck this shit and graphics and voice acting did not help but one day when I had no other game to play I said f#$k it and forced my self to play it and after I started leveling up it became clear to me that the hook to this game was to level up and collect as much guns as possible.

The one thing I do hope they fix is the boss battles, each boss has a way where you can cheat to beat them, all you need is to run away from them and keep a safe distance and blast away.

Also I am not sure if this was a glitch or a perk in the game but midway in the game after collecting all the boos for the old man I got infinty amo and I just used the rocket launcher to beat the game.

Also the last stage where your running to the vault all you need to do is keep running till you reach the end -_-

Patriots_Pride2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

It was a good game but hope they get rid of the cell shading.

I was really hyped when I saw the original trailer and thought the graphics were top notch.

I know that because of current console RAM they had to gimp the game and make it cell shaded but I would have rather sacrifice the 10000m guns and leave the graphics.

Here hoping the make a superior WiiU version.

ame222738d ago

Already exists, it's called Fallout 3. Go play it.

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The story is too old to be commented.