The Argument For a Very Violent Scene in a Very Violent Video Game

Stephen Totil: After our hero Kratos wrestles the elephant monster in God of War: Ascension to the ground, he—you—can make him stab the creature in the head. You can make him stab repeatedly. Then, at your command, Kratos slits the head open to reveal the monster's brain.

"That's too much," I blurted out, when David Hewitt, the design director at the Sony studio making Ascension for the PlayStation 3 played the scene in front of me.

I could almost hear his eyebrows arching. Oh? That's too much?

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Neo-Axl3138d ago

What a wimp.. After all the sickening, brutally ruthless deaths in the entire series this one kill is a bit much.. Haha :P God Of War, Rated 18 for a reason!