Silent: Hill Downpour dev Vatra Games in danger of closure

Vatra Games, the Czech developer of Silent Hill: Downpour, is in danger of being closed.

Eurogamer Czech got wind of the closure and corroborated the news with local sources.

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NYC_Gamer2743d ago

Konami needs to just get Team Silent back together or just kill Silent Hill

Kyosuke_Sanada2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Well not yes and no, I mean Team Silent are the absolute best to make a Silent Hill game there are other people who can do pretty damn well when it comes to capturing the spirit of the franchise.

For example, the project made by Nick Greenlee which I believe did a great job of creating a story worthy of the Silent Hill name (at least spin off wise) but just didn't have the budget to really give it the support it deserves.

There are people there that can at least sustain the series but Konami needs to look harder....