Why Do We Keep Buying Games We’ll Never Finish?

The Main Problem with the Steam Summer Sale

The Steam Summer Sale is almost over and even though most people call it the best time of the year, it does have some problems.

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Emilio_Estevez2735d ago

I do that all the time! Still gonna buy more, they'll get finished some day ;/

TheFirstClassic2735d ago

Yeah I try to finish most every game I have. Usually I just buy one game and play it until I'm done with it, but lately I've been buying in bulk during sales and some games get left behind. Once I finish at least most of what I have, Ima try to buy fewer games at a time.

ForeignEarth2735d ago

I iz addicted to buying games :(

Red_Orange_Juice2735d ago

finished all games I bought on ps3

jjb19812735d ago

I spent about 150 on games from the Christmas sale that I never finished...