PlayStation 3 to PSP functionality demoed

At TGS, Sony demonstrated the PS3 connectivity with the PSP and how you will be able to download original PlayStation games to your PS3 and emulate on your PSP.

The game that was featured in this demo was the original Ridge Racer for the PS1. Gamers were amazed at the fact that now you can play old and favorite PlayStation games on your PSP. Sounds like Sony took a chapter from Nintendos book.

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PS360WII5851d ago

They just had a ps3 next to a psp that was playing ridge racer for ps1.

calderra5851d ago

For those who missed the news yesterday, #1 is completely correct. Sony never actually showed a download happen, they just had the game on a PSP that was setting beside a PS3.

If you wanna take Sony's word that it happened, go ahead. Hope you also enjoyed the Spring '06 launch, the "final" boomerang controller...

In the words of Jimmy: "Come on."

PS3n3605851d ago

Finally a real solid reason to buy a PS3 to sit next to my 360 and PSP. This is a system selling feature for sure. Nice one.

specialguest5851d ago

hopefully someone will figure out a way to download these games and play them for free.

heheh, i know im a scum for doing it the illegal way, but i love free.

TheMART5851d ago

free (read: illegal) will kill a format. So please buy a PS3 and not a 360

PS360PCROCKS5851d ago

yeah their was a funny article on IGN about this, and how they were just like "Pow and now it's on the PSP" but never showed the psp actually DLing it, lol

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