Diehard GameFAN: Heroes of Ruin Review

DHGF: Heroes of Ruin is fine as a “baby’s first hack-and-slash” sort of experience, or as a handheld experience for those who have none, but taken on its own merits, its solid gameplay and design are beaten down by its lack of originality, challenge and options. The plot is good at establishing a world to play in but bad at making the player care about any of it, while the visuals and audio are generally quite solid and technically sound. The gameplay is easy to understand, and players new and experienced alike will find it simple to learn and grasp, while also appreciating the variety offered in equipment options and character classes. That the game also offers daily and weekly quests to grab online, as well as online play for up to four players, adds to the long term value, and can keep the experience interesting for some once the main game is over with for them. That said, this will be the only thing doing so, as the game lacks any sort of post game content, such as restarting with the same character or additional difficulty levels, to keep things interesting, meaning that online play is often the only option in this position. Further, the game is exceptionally easy, to the point where death is infrequent and only a mild inconvenience when it does happen, the online can be spotty in some cases, and aside from the online quests, the game really does nothing that anyone with even a little exposure to the genre hasn’t seen several times before. Heroes of Ruin might be a good introduction to the genre for those who’ve never seen it before, or a good time waster on the go for genre fans, but it hits just as many notes as it misses, and the end result is a game that doesn’t manage to impress as much as it wants to.

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