IGN-Ubisoft: Industry "Penalised" by Long Console Cycle

Ubisoft's CEO has claimed that the lack of new consoles has damaged the entire games trade for consumers and developers alike.
In an interview with Gamasutra, Yves Guillemot shared his feeling that the lengthy console cycle has stymied creativity and led to companies resorting to making sequels.

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Ares84HU3138d ago

I'm ready for next gen. Games kind of grew stale for me because there is nothing new or something that I haven't seen or played already.

I'm ready for the next gen. Bring it!

Gamer19823138d ago

Everybody seems to be complaining about it lately.. I think this is an indication that something was supposed to be announced at E3 and wasn't and now the backlash has started as they have probably developed games for it, spent millions doing so ready for launch and the consoles not ready.

M83_3138d ago


Nice conspiracy theory. If something was that far along with that amount of investment in it they just couldn't pull out last minute. They have commitments and you can't break them, it's just not that easy.

I knew nothing would be announced because there wasn't any substantial rumours at all! I know you shouldn't rely on rumours for anything but to a degree, there's no smoke without fire.
Look at the wii u/ project cafe last year, rumours for months before hand and very substantial ones at that. That kind of buzz was completely lacking for announcements that would be huge like an up coming ps4/Xbox.

But I don't doubt they are in development and I'm sure they will be announced some time next year beit e3 or otherwise. What I do doubt though is that they were planned for announcement this year but everything was pulled back. That's just not realistic.

TheRealTedCruz3138d ago

While I mainly game on 360 and very, very much would like to see newer console tech hit the market, at this point, I say let this generation draw-out even further.

PC gaming has been on a good incline for the last couple years. Many are thanking this over-lengthened generation and people's want for something more at this point.

The more pc gamers, the more developers will focus on it as a main platform, the better off gaming itself will be, considering developers have less and less restrictions to worry about.

mewhy323138d ago

We would all love to see some massive jump in tech and get new machines. But since this console cycle has lasted so long and been quite competitive, the developers have been forced to get really creative on the 'tech' side. We seen new rendering techniques, the advent of sofisticated streaming tech, new anti aliasing methods, deferred this and deferred that. I mean, this has been good for developers to stretch the minds, not just in new creative ideas, but tech to enable them to realize they're creativity on limited resources. Now imagine what they will be able to achieve with all these new tools on a nex gen console. We're gonna be in for a treat.

TheRealTedCruz3138d ago

True. But this is no different than developing on pc. And when developing on pc, there is no real limit on the developer, allowing them to push harder and harder for those who can handle it.

The techniques that developers have to develop in order to get games running on the older console tech at this point is really no different than the idea of optimizing their games to run on multiple hardware combinations and at different levels of graphical fidelity.

With pc, the technology will always be there for the developers to experiment with. Without any real limitation, it allows for developers to push harder and harder all the time, making for more impressive games more often.

If the majority of console players would just make the leap to pc gaming, it would probably improve the industry as a whole. It would probably drop the price of hardware down a bit as well, being that it would be seen as less of a specialty item - pc gaming.

This is just me talking though. I realize that the console market is needed, at least for it's ease of use. I just see a lot of positives in a largely pc gaming industry. Not just in terms of game development, but also distribution.

Gamer19823138d ago

PC is already Nex-Gen thanks to DX11 and full 1080p gaming for under £400. You want to see what your PS4 and 720 will look like? Switch to pc. Plus you will save a ton of cash too as games are cheaper on PC especially with STEAM.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3138d ago

That is not completely true. While pc is ahead it is not full used because of consoles. Do you think Naughty dog won't make a game next gen that doesn't look better than 90% of pc games now? It will look mind blowing because they can optimize ps4. But of course pc games will look good. But for the first 3 years I expect consoles to have the high production look and feel.

like this..

Really if pc had third person adventures like ps3 I would only play on pc since pc has better shooters. But third person adventure games makes me still play on console to.

TheRealTedCruz3138d ago


That's a bit unfair though. It's common fact that many, many titles released are developed with console in mind. There are only so many games that actually take advantage of even mid-range PCs. Even fewer that take advantage of heftier rigs.

Games such as Battlefield 3, Witcher 2, Metro 2033, etc, are few and far between. So, when a really good looking console game comes out, it's not very fair to say that it looks better than 90% of pc titles, when it is consoles themselves that are limiting the graphical fidelity of pc releases. The most you can normally expect from developers is some better texture work and the game displaying at higher resolutions - something you also didn't factor in when it comes to console gaming.

Displaying a game in 1080p takes roughly twice the power of running a game in 720p. When you take into consideration the fact that most console releases, first-party Playstation releases or otherwise, don't even display in native 720p but at sub-hd resolutions . . .

Not many developers, when developing cross-platform, take the time to include features that are actually pretty standard for the average gaming pc nowadays.

rpd1233138d ago


Which begs the question, why did you just buy a pc because it has better graphical capabilities, when in reality only about 10% of the games for it actually take advantage of it?

Also on Steam sales. They're nice but honestly you get a lot of crap games. And almost all PC games are launched at the same price their console counterparts are so that's an invalid argument.

metroid323138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

WiiU is officially 2gig RAM/DX11/OpenGl 4.1/Shader model 5.0,go look on Nintengen m8,its all official mow the wiiu supports Compute shader 11 so the gpu is basically a gpgpu of the new age meaning it can handle most work that a cpu would normally handle while taking zero hit on graphics ??? oh and Valve is porting their network over to WiiU as we speak.

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AtomicGerbil3138d ago

We may be due a new wave of consoles, but all this publisher bitching and moaning is getting tiresome. All their complaints are due to them having to innovate and take their time to polish. They want new consoles so they can make up for shortcomings with a few bells and whistles that would be easier.

Stop blaming your tools for lack of quality, there are plenty of instances this generation to prove that the hardware is capable.

dcbronco3138d ago

I don't blame them for complaining. If there were only consoles it would be one thing. But there are PCs for everyone to look. It's obvious the standard is lowered by the consoles when the cycle lingers this long.

And it's not just about innovation. I agree that they need to be more innovative. But the ability of the current machines isn't as high as promised. And the generation being stretched this long only benefits the console makers. Sales of consoles have fallen, but the profits have soared for some. While the price to make the machines has fallen, the price for consumers has barely moved.

Add that the main engine makers have moved on to engines the current consoles can't handle. Crytek and Epic have moved on. Most new IP or next installments are being held back for the next gen. Developers are getting stiffed right now. And gamers are losing interest. Look at the release schedules. Not much of interest the rest of this year. Because there are a few new titles, any middle of the road or small title has to be careful. So maybe they don't release.

We need new machines to bring the excitement back.

AtomicGerbil3138d ago

I'm sorry but it's all excuses. Yes, the hardware is there on PC, so use it if consoles aren't good enough(which is exactly what they are saying)so the console manufacturers have something to take notice of. Just remember, the console makers rely a lot more on the developers than the other way round. Developers have the power and so far nothings happening which makes me think that much of the complaining is PR bull.

Secondly it would be madness for a developer to go full throttle on a new console when the userbase is low and completely lock out the old generation which would still be the majority. Besides if rumours that keep circulating round the web are correct all these developers are already producing for the nextbox and PS4 anyway so all in all what's their problem?

dcbronco3138d ago

Developers had the power when making games was cheaper. Look how many go out of business every year. Unless you're one of the major companies, you usually need help. That's why Sony can get away with demanding the IP. If they had any power, no one would ever give up ownership of their products.

No one is saying abandon the current generation. But it's time to have better machines to work with too. It's best to have two generations going at the same time. One to keep income coming in with it's large user base. And one to start showing what is in the future. And you have to go full throttle. If you have confidence in what you're doing you'll be fine. A console might sell 5-10 million in that first year. If you are one of a few that launch with a new generation you have a chance to sell to a higher percentage of the user base. look at how Resistance sold. Even people that didn't necessarily want a title like that bought it because there wasn't much else.

Droid Control3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

I've been ready for next gen since 2010. Brought my 360 in 2005.

The consoles are actually holding back PC gaming as well.

Sony painted themselves into a corner with the PS3. It cost them so much to make the machines that they need this long cycle just to make a bit of a profit.

M$ are loving Sony's mistake. Sony thought people would be willing to pay £600 for a PS3. They didn't. Now M$ has been milking this gen for everything it has, Making money on the hardware, the add-on's, xbox LIVE etc...

They must be laughing at Sony.

Majin-vegeta3138d ago

*The consoles are actually holding back PC gaming as well.*

Ummm,yea no that would be the developer's.They don't wanna use the PC to the best they can so everyone has to resort to saying consoles are holding back gaming bla bla.

metroid323138d ago

Well get upset because 360 is just getting extentions wiiu is the only next gen console as i think 360/ps4 will half skip this gen while wiiu gamers enjoy AC3 in 1080p and original games built using OpenGl 4.1 and lots more RAM poor Microsoft fanboys and sony fanboys is all i have to day ????????????????????????

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