FIFA 13 Kinect video shows off voice commands

Eurogamer writes: EA has released a video showcasing the voice commands available to Kinect owners who play FIFA 13.
The voice commands let you activate tactics, change formations and trigger substitutions without pausing the game.

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pompombrum2332d ago

Really? Out of all the potential videos they could showcase with the new fifa, they want to make one on some bloody voice gimmicks...what a look of F**king bollocks!! Ooops yellow card

Knushwood Butt2332d ago

Can you use, 'Kinect, **** off!'?

Agent_hitman2332d ago

Wow voice command!, shout, yell while playing alone.. Like a 10 year old kid.

mcstorm2332d ago

Again a lot of hate here for Kinect. I like the look of this and IMO I would use this to make subs ect rather than having to go through all the menus as it speeds the process up.
Its not a must have in Fifa but a nice added extra like the added to Forza 4. Its not for everyone and if its not for you don't use it but it just adds something different to the Fifa game.

Patriots_Pride2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Not hating on Kinect because my kids love it but could'nt this voice command feature be done with the mic?

AtomicGerbil2332d ago

Yes it could, and as I've mentioned in the past the voice recognition libraries for PC and Playstation already exist (as part of the devkit with Playstation), so programming for the other platforms would require no more work than with Kinect and only require a mic at minimum.

I imagine this to be another occasion where Microsoft is paying for features to sell Kinect, by which I mean voice recognition would never be implemented at all otherwise on any platform. I'll bet good money that CoD gets some kind of Kinect support this year, and I'll also put my neck out and suggest it'll only be voice commands.

This kind of thing is making Kinect more and more disappointing, at least to me anyway, as voice command seems to be the most used feature by third party developers making it a very expensive microphone.

ChunkyLover532332d ago

The thing is, Kinect has built in software and it makes it really easy to implement, because developers don't have to add anything. Standard headsets can use voice commands in a sense, but they aren't very accurate.

I used the voice commands in Halo CEA and Mass Effect 3 and I found them very helpful. The headtracking with Forza 4 also worked wonderfully!

Its not like your forced to use it, its just an option. And options are good right?

StrongMan2331d ago

@Noticeably_Fa.....I mean Chunkylover53

"Standard headsets can use voice commands in a sense, but they aren't very accurate"

Neither is Kinect accurate. Why do you think it produces the worst scoring and worst selling games of all time like Steel Battalion which sits at a 39 metascore and only 20k sells?

ChunkyLover532331d ago

Have you ever used a Kinect? I highly doubt it, you have your head shoved so far up Sony's ass you probably taste their desperation.

Kinect works for what it is, you say low selling, I'd point out that Kinect Sports and Dance Central have outsold many games in the industry. Even Kinect Star Wars, which was pretty heavily criticized, managed to sell pretty well.

If you want poor sales, look at Move games like Sorcery. At least Microsoft still supports their motion control add on. I know they aren't offering any "Wonderbook" options, but I guess I'll deal.

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neutralgamer192332d ago

Again same type of articles and same comments. No one is hating on the Kinect just because they are on some fanboy troll mission. People hate on Kinect because it was touted to be this motion control revolution and turned out to be utter trash in regards to motion control. Give it up already there's no other way o spin it, except for a few dance games its used for Kinect is garbage and the only reason developers now are focusing on voice commands is because basically thats the only thing they can do right with Kinect. Mind you it is a feature that can be done with most mics and has been done plenty of times prior to Kinect. Kinects motto was "you are the controller" well they sure screwed that up and now their motto should be "you are the microphone" come on like seriously.

ChunkyLover532332d ago

Sweet! I think I still prefer the voice commands on American football though, it makes more sense there.

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