FIFA 13: First look at Manager Mode, Skill Games and more

CVG: We travel to EA Canada to see FIFA's newest features...

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pompombrum2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

"Now consider this: every change, every tweak, every tuck and every addition to FIFA 13 has the potential to lose audience members"

Really? If that was the case half of the people who play fifa online would have quit because of the ridiculous impact engine.

"This year, however, EA Canada has worked hard to ramp up the level of authenticity in the transfer window."

This should have been implemented in Fifa 12.. transfers are ridiculous in that game.

Still, I'm not happy that youth players didn't get a mention. It took AGES to build them up most of which improved at an unrealistic rate. The supposed gems of the system should start in the mid 70s for example.

BlackFalcon2737d ago

I agree on the youth players, but just because they weren't mentioned doesn't mean they're not getting improved. There's still 2 months before the game's released, so that's almost a month and a half of final programming.