Guild Wars 2: It Ups the Ante, but Don't Expect a Revolution

Will it be vaulted as the best MMO ever? Undoubtedly. Will some rambunctious gaming fanatics declare that it is a WoW killer? Undeniably. Is it the most innovative revolution since the dawn of the polygon? Absolutely not. In fact, to some degree, Guild Wars 2 still plays it a bit too close to the cuff.

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Baka-akaB2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

I disagree .

The revolution here isnt necessarily about getting something drastically different . After all the first game pretty much already had a similar quest system .

And the second game is different WHERE it counts , at least for guild wars fans .

You got the idea of dynamic events in quests that actually matter to your world , even in a shallow fashion . Something that usually never happens or get followed through in other mmos .

WoW is well designed , but its combat formula shallow , unbalanced , slow and dull . It makes for a boring pvp , with only battlegrounds dulling the pain (unless of course you love tat kind of pvp) , and the occasional classes patch to refresh things up .

In Guild Wars tactical placement matters , instead of just jumping around while fighting . The fight are quick , fast paced well animated , with more happening than a succession of hotkeys presses in order . Any guild Wars 1 players knows and understands what i mean there , and GW2 even if compromising for a new crowd , is still that way .

Thing is the only games that usully offer the same depth of combats in pve and pvp , are usually korean games , but in exchange painful with their grinds , and horribly balanced .

What's make GW2 a "revolution" would be its pricing system of course , and the fact that finally we'll get a game with WoW's strength , but none of its glaring flaws and disadvantage .

Arent you just expecting way too much ?

pompombrum2743d ago

GW2 is no WoW killer but it's a really fun game. What makes it so great is that no feature can really stand out as a "WoW killing" feature but when you add all those features together, you get one of the most polished and refreshing mmo experiences in a long long time.