Games don't turn people into killers, but they do represent an unhealthy attitude towards violence

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Video games are the dominant form of entertainment in the modern world, and the games industry needs to start behaving more responsibly in presenting a full range of philosophical attitudes towards violence."

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ApolloTheBoss2738d ago

Why don't you talk to the people who buy the games? Part of being an adult and being a parent is having self-discipline, self-control and responsibility. It's the parents' job to make sure they watch what their kids are doing instead of finding someone to blame for their shortcomings. And what do you mean 'Games represent am unhealthy attitude'? Violence is violence, no matter how you look at you look at it. It's something that is as old as time itself, and where there's order, there's always chaos. I am so tired of hearing this topic every other week and I just wish it would die already.

MattS2738d ago

None of that had anything to do with the article, you realise?

ApolloTheBoss2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I'll admit that I just read the headline and went straight to typing away in fury of rage because I hate it when the media resorts to the 'blame it on the video games' excuse. But now that I've heard your opinion, I still don't totally agree with you. Though mainstream AAA Shooters today do advertise killing, because most mature rated games do contain blood and gore, and developers use that as a base to attract consumers, most gamers don't do it for the killing nor for the violence. Most gamers play games for the competition. It's the competitiveness of most gamers that drive them into buying a popular shooter or anything that has multiplayer. I know this for a fact because I, being a gamer, would buy it for just that reason. I don't really care that there is violence in a game like Halo 4, but I would play it because of the thrill I get when winning against another player. And I don't get what you mean when you say developers fail to produce content that makes gamers question why they love what they play. That honestly doesn't make sense to me.

MattS2738d ago

@TransMuse - that was the point, really. A game about killing, and because of the way it is designed, you only take notice of the game, not the killing.

I want to see game studios start to put some humanity into the games. The best films and books are not about wonton destruction; they're about people and their stories. Mainstream game developers need to grow up and beyond a typical Steven Segal film and understand that they are a dominant entertainment form, and should take some responsibility to further the discourse around real-world issues.

And I don't think you necessarily understand why you're buying the violent games. You say it's for the competition. Are you aware that historically most competitive sports were war games, played by ancient armies to test out tactics and the fitness of the men for battle? Most competitive events have ancient roots in the military, and violence is a visceral, pervasive thing that we learn not to recognise, much less question in society.

Historically it has been the arts that have questioned the violence we exist in. Time for the new #1 art form to step up and do its job.

ApolloTheBoss2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

OK I still stand by my opinion when I say that violence doesn't necessarily have to be the reason I buy a competitive video game and that video below backs up my claim if you care to look at it. (Not to mention that the people in it are almost exactly saying your opinions word for word.) But I completely agree with you when you say that the top art in the world should better it's reputation as something that can respectable, rather than something that's shunned for its representation of all things violent. Sadly we're not in an age yet where society considers games art. Though they are, the rest of the world just doesn't take them seriously. I hope I live to see it happen one day though.

the4112738d ago

Wow, two people on the Internet (N4G, no less) having an intelligent, civilized, coherent discussion about a hot topic. Color me impressed. Bubbles for both!