Wow, the Ouya Console is Tiny

Amidst all the talk of the fancy new Ouya console, and all its promise and possibilities, the more specific, physical aspects of the machine have gone largely unnoticed.

Which is weird, because the design of the console itself is the thing I find most interesting. Especially when you consider its size.

While looking at press images of the machine would understandably have you thinking it's about the size of Nintendo's old GameCube, the fact is the design team is thinking smaller. A lot smaller.

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Relientk772743d ago

Wow thats impressive. I assumed it was around the size of the GameCube

LackTrue4K2743d ago

Well when you really think about it it's pretty much a cell phone without the screen and battery. So this console is actually kind of big.

miyamoto2740d ago

Well at least it is very "portable gaming machine." but you still need a TV screen for it.

Ouya should have had a screen and buttons and marketed as a handheld/home console just like the PSP3000.

MySwordIsHeavenly2743d ago

This is such a good idea, too! I'd love to take my Minecraft: Pocket Edition save and play it on my TV. ^_^ I've done more work on it than anyone I know has on a PC Minecraft save.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2743d ago

wonder if it would be smaller than the Onlive microconsole. You can fit that thing in your pocket.

MasterCornholio2743d ago

So when will apple copy Android and create their own version of the Ouya?

Lol I kid but this device seems like a great idea.


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