Should you buy DayZ with Arma II or wait for the standalone release?

MMGN: Is it worth buying the open-world zombie apocalypse online multiplayer game or waiting for it to be released as a standalone game later this year?

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Irishguy952281d ago

I got arma 2 combined ops for like 15 euro/ Worth it. Some of the mission were fun

ATi_Elite2281d ago

Arma II Combined Ops is like $23 dollars on Steam right now.

you get
Arma II and Operation Arrowhead

then download the free:
DayZ mod
Takistan mod
Chernarus Life mod
Vietnam: The Experience mod

and later the upcoming Star Trek: Road to the Stars mod

for friggin $23 your looking at over 500 hours of gameplay on 6 or 7 games!

Why wait for a stand alone when you can be sniping Bean bandits and Zombies RIGHT NOW!

So get to the Choppa!

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2281d ago

I have the free version of Arma 2 and actually enjoy it. Considering the full game, I need Dayz :)

Brawler2281d ago

buy it now while its on sale

wwm0nkey2281d ago

Something tells me that due to the Standalone being done by Bohemia they will let you use your keys from ARMA II for it.

Scizz2281d ago

wut? Pretty sure stand alone is from another company. Am i wrong?

wwm0nkey2281d ago

No Dean "Rocket" Hall the guy who made DayZ already works for the company that makes ARMA II so they can use the ARMA II keys for DayZ if they really wanted too for already existing users and they will probably do it this way too so they dont make the current user base angry.

WeskerChildReborned2281d ago

Is War Z even the standalone release? Cause some people were talking to the creator of DayZ and he said something about competition.

lsujester2281d ago

War Z is an entirely different game. It's being made by Hammerhead and has nothing to do with DayZ.

HebrewHammer2281d ago

I downloaded it after getting ARMA II from the Steam sale. It sure is rough around the edges, but it can be a lot of fun if you invest some time into learning the basics.

wallis2281d ago

Yeah rough around the edges capture it. Unfortunately the arms 2 engine has and always will give me brutal motion sickness. Only a few engines do and it's usually a mouse lag, motion blur, draw distance thing but whatever it is the arms 2 engine has plenty of it. Unfortunately day Z comes so freaking close to giving me the full zombie experience but it's far too dependent on other people to supplement an experience that should have a proper game structure and UI. It's not so much the menu's but little things like the world is just empty - not like stalker or fallout.

Aggesan2280d ago

One word: Alpha. It's going to get better.

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