AAG: Dragon’s Dogma Playstation 3 Review

AAG's Khye Davey writes: "Dragon’s dogma is an open world, action adventure role-playing game from Capcom. It popped up on my radar around E3 and touted strategic battles and a unique party system where you build up and swap characters in an online community. I liked the sound of it but with quality action RPG franchises already established, was it good enough to stand out or fall by the wayside with so many ho hum examples."

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helghast1022739d ago

That's an awfully low score for the best game of this year.

h311rais3r2739d ago

It's fantastic but far from the best. With a slew of technical issues and a lack of a physics system those hold it back.

It has an aweful framerate.

No physics at all

Bad voice acting.

Graphics are decent but considering the framerate they should be much better

Very glitchy.

Massive load times

You encounter the same enemies over and over due to backtracking constantly.

The pawns screaming the same thing over and over gets annoying

Those things hold it back from being a perfect RPG

Baka-akaB2739d ago

all of those issues and more are in some game from besthesda i dont even need to name , yet critics can't seem to see any of the flaws .

ALL of them , and more , while featuring less features and stuff than DG . Go figures

000000000000000000012739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

If there is a better RPG already out this year (2012) let me know, I'd love to play it.